Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you about...

Now that I'm well-rested and fed (ahhh....), I wanted to share a few things from yesterday:

When Nick was first wheeled into the recovery room, we were not alone - there were about 8 other beds with patients also waking up from surgery just in our little "pod". Right next to Nick - with the curtain OPEN - was a little boy no older than three that was just beginning to regain consciousness. Something happened and he began to scream in a very throaty and raspy voice. Soon the parents were holding him still as two nurses worked on him. The screaming continued and I sat in my chair, heart breaking to see the wrenching sorrow in the parents, and I couldn't hold back my tears. Soon, thankfully, he was able to be held by his mom and he immediately settled down. Even Nick said in his semi-state of awareness, "aw, that is horrible!" Within minutes, the little boy was snuggled up contentedly with his mom and all was right again. I held Nick's hand and gave thanks that we have not had to endure this particular journey.

We were talking with Nick's recovery nurse and she told us the Children's Hospital has about 100 surgeries a DAY; 23 operating rooms and 5 procedure rooms. Absolutely unbelievable!

Nick's is in a semi-private room and shares it with another young man (18 years old, I think). Lee and I spoke with him and his mom late last night - they are from Atlanta. This young man has an extremely deformed face; he has obviously had many, many surgeries. They confirmed this by stating they have been coming back to Children's Hospital for over 18 years! Their eyes were kind and strong - not a hint of bitterness or weariness. We are just rookies with only 1 year under our belt. We were humbled by their strength and again gave thanks for the precious life we have.

Nick looks terrific today and I took a picture of him in the "play room" where we played a very competitive game of gin. Forgot the camera at the hospital tonight so I'll have to post tomorrow. Nick is expected to be checked out by 11:00 a.m. and we changed our flights to come home on Wednesday (Mom 2; Delta 1). Amazing!

With lots of love,

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Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori,
Thank you for sharing about the many other lives whose paths intersected with yours and Nick's this past week. God puts things in our lives for good - I believe this faithfully. The following was sent to me from a dear friend who visits Nick's blog often and prays for him constantly. May it encourage you as it does me. Love, Aunt Chris

A man was sleeping one night in his cabin when suddenly his room filled with light, and God appeared. The Lord told the man he had work for him to do, and showed him a large rock in front of his cabin. The Lord explained that the man was to Push against the rock with all his might...

So, this the man did, day after day for many years he toiled from sun up to sun down, his shoulders set squarely against the cold, massive surface of the unmoving rock, Pushing with all of his might. Each night the man returned to his cabin sore and worn out, feeling that his whole day had been spent in vain.

Since the man was showing discouragement, the adversary (Satan) decided to enter the picture by placing thoughts into the weary mind: (He will do it every time) "You have been Pushing against that rock for a long time and it hasn't moved." Thus, he gave the man the
impression that the task was impossible and that he was a failure.

These thoughts discouraged and disheartened the man. Satan said, "Why kill yourself over this? Just put in your time, giving just the minimum effort; and that will
be good enough. "That's what the weary man planned to do, but decided to make it a
matter of Prayer and to take his troubled thoughts to The Lord.

"Lord," he said, "I have labored long and hard in Your Service, putting all my strength to do that which you have asked. Yet, after all this time, I have not even budged that rock by half millimeter. What is wrong? Why am I failing?"

The Lord responded compassionately, "My friend, when I asked you to serve Me and you accepted, I told you that your task was to Push against the rock with all of your strength, which you have done. Never once did I mention to you that I expected you to move it. Your task was to Push.

And now you come to Me with your strength spent, thinking that you
have failed. But, is that really so? Look at yourself. Your arms are strong and muscled, your back shiny and brown; your hands are calloused from constant pressure, your legs have become massive and hard.

Through opposition you have grown much, and your abilities now surpass that which you used to have. True, you haven't moved the rock. But your calling was to be Obedient and to Push and to exercise your Faith and trust in My Wisdom. That you have done. Now, I, my friend, will move the rock."

At times, when we hear a Word from God, we tend to use our own intellect to decipher what He wants, when actually what God wants is just Simple Obedience and Faith in Him. By all means, exercise The Faith that moves mountains, but know that it is still God Who Moves The Mountains.

When everything seems to go wrong... Just P.U.S.H.!< BR>
When the job gets you down... Just P.U.S.H.!
When people don't do as you think they should... Just P.U.S.H!
When you can't find the right work... Just P.U.S.H.!
When your money is "gone" and the bills are due... Just P.U.S.H!
When people just don't understand you... Just P.U.S.H.!

P = Pray
U = Until
S = Something
H = Happens