Monday, August 25, 2008


So my first day as a freshman and the University of Utah was today and boy was it a long day. I only had 3 classes but they were spaced out and I rode my bike everywhere. I started off the day with Digital Photo which was cool. Then headed back home and had some lunch. I then rode my bike back to school where I had Calc and Chemistry. Both of them intimidated me for both proffesors said that half of the class will not pass the class. Crap! My chemistry class has over 200 kids in it so that made everyone freak out. But I am still ready for school and happy with my desicion to push myself. Besides I'm not paying for it... ha just kidding Mom and Dad.
Alright I am going to study now.... SIKE


Anonymous said...

You're a funny, kid Nick.Mom

Jennie said...

Calc and chemistry do sound intimidating but hey Nick you've conquered so much over the past year you'll be "hunky dory"! Hope the "chemo memory" has eased up as it sounds as though you have a lot to learn! Good luck and enjoy. See you soon. Love GM Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Hello Freshman
It is interesting how life is filled with so many firsts and new beginnings. College is one of those starting lines and I give God thanks that you are beginning that race. Your cousin Jessica enjoyed the "Five Year" college plan - so tell your parents to keep saving. I look forward to learning if you see God's hand in Calc and Chemistry. Don't depend on His divine intervention when it comes to homework and tests though - life has taught me God leaves those learning aspects up to us. Enjoy, aunt Chris

Jay Paterson said...

Hey Skinny!
Dont forget the really important class in Unbiversity, Networking 101. This is the class you find your lifelong buddies.

Anonymous said...

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