Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer Update

Mom here... I've been bugging Nick to update his blog but my nagging skills have seemed to dissapate a bit. So, I've taken it upon myself to update those that are interested in our boy, Nick.

The Team Sarcoma Walk went well, considering just a handful attended in Nick's behalf. Lee and I were out of town, dang it! From what I can wrangle out of Nick was that Dr. Chen was there with her husband and she thoroughly enjoyed introducing Nick to EVERYONE as her trophy patient. Pretty cute! Also, Nick's dad brought out the boat for some extra fun. Here are a couple picts:

Jerry, Denise (one of the fairy godmothers), Nick, Kelsey, Jake, Lynn, Todd & Dr. Chen
Jake & Nick getting ready to roll!

Nick and his dad's side of the family just returned from Nebraska for a family reunion (may I say, lonnnnnggggg ride); ready to start college on Aug 25th; trip planned to Canada to visit Jay & Anne Paterson on Aug 13th; and the biggie - Nick moved out with 3 other young men close to the Univ of Utah today! Scooter, his loyal golden retriever will miss him the most. Lee, Kelsey & I helped Nick move and got to check out the new pad (rental house). All I can say is the 3 second rule DOES NOT apply here. If any food falls on the floor, THROW IT AWAY! Other than that, I hope he enjoys his independence and freedom in the 3 weeks before school starts and the pressure of school, work, money, food, laundry.... get the best of him. I forgot - girls! He'll be just fine.

His next MRI is on Aug 11th - my birthday! Kelsey told me the other day, "Hey Mom, I know what you want for your birthday." "What's that?" I asked. She said, "You want Nick's scans to be clean, don't you?" I said, "I sure do!" She then asked, "Can that be from all of us?" Little stinker.

Turns out Primary Children's Hospital won't let Nick volunteer until he has one year remission under his belt. So, what we have decided to do is kick off our first annual charitable softball tournament to raise money for First Descents and rhabdo research. Since our family has loads of experience and connections with softball, we thought we may very well be successful in a long-term effort in giving back through this venue. We had a meeting of some influential local people and are in the works to see if we can pull it off in the month of September - National Childhood Cancer Month. I'll keep everyone posted.
That's it for now! Many thanks to everyone with their continued prayers and support!


Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori,
May God's birthday gift to you be a cancer free MRI for Nick - Kelsey will have to come up with her own gift and I suspect it will have humor attached to it. May August 11th be a day of joy and love. Happy Birthday. God bless, aunt Chris

Dan Jasa said...

Sorry I missed you at the Family Reunion. I want to officially invite you to come and be apart of our racing crew if you ever want to come to the track. email me at we've got three weekends left this year Aug 16-17, Sept 6-7 and the first weekend in Oct

Jay Paterson said...

Nice picture on the tube, Slack rope. I guess the boat finally stopped moving.
Weather in Owen SOund is like early fall right now. Water temp 20degrees Celcius, air temp 22 degrees Celcius, nights are 10 degrees celcius.
Dont forget to bring our favourite track suit to keep warm at night.

Oh yeah, our area of Owen Sound is off the grid for e mail and stuff, so Nick's posting will be 'dark' while he is dragging around the water up North.

Lori, Happy Birthday to YOOOOOOOOOOOO.

See you soon,
Jay and Anne

Chris Ulvin said...

Hi Nick,
It's fun to return to the beginning of the Nick's WACKY Warriors Softball Tournament and a joy to have witnessed the blessings of the 3rd Annual Softball tournament in person.
"May your hearts live forever" Psalm 22:26 and the good works you've started continue as long as cancer is a battle children must face. I await with praying hands for your biopsy results in December 2010. May Jesus who promised us life with His birth grant you earthly longevity this Christmas season. Amen.
Love, aunt Chris