Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh Canada

Nick here..

Last monday I just got back from my first trip out of the country (other than a cruise) to Canada. I landed in Toronto but stayed like 3 hours north in a beautiful place called Owen Sound. I stayed with friends of the family. The Paterson family, who welcomed me with open arms, couldn't wait to get me out on the water. The three cottages that they own are right on the water of Lake Huron. The water was crystal clear and perfect for water skiing, kayaking, fishing, and showering. I did them all!
Other than hanging out by the water all day, there was a folk festival in town called Summerfolk which was all weekend and we had a fun time hanging out there listening to good music and meeting lots of locals.

It was fun meeting everyone and having a blast in the water. I got a lot better on a single ski and give props to the guys who can ski a slalom course.
I came home so tired and so sore from paddling in the kayak so much. I also had gained weight from eating so much delicious food in big portions. ha.
I would like to thank Jay and Ann for the invite and the great time the gave me. Hopefully I will be back again next year and will have just as much fun as I did this year. Thanks!
So long Canada!


Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
I think you should make this trip an annual celebration - just think of the "Frequent Flyer" miles you could build up over a liftime - a long, long lifetime is my prayer. Godspeed, aunt Chris

akparamedic said...


I just returned from a few weeks by myself in a remote bay in Prince William Sound. I was supposed to return by the 7th (at the latest) but I preferred being stranded over the 30 miles of 17-20between me and civilization. It was a great experience (except for the constant withdrawal I had from having no internet access. I also had a frequent cravings for cake, cookies, choclate, etc., and I didn't even know I had much of a sweet tooth!

I realized that even though I have seen thousands of bald eagles during the past 19 years, 99% percent of them are in civilized areas (especially the fishing ports, but seeing them out in PWS was spectacular. I found a couple (HUGE) eagle nests with a chick in each of them. They were half grown and still fuzzy, so they must grow up quickly since winter is rapidly coming. Of course, I thought of the eagle sighting you mentioned and wished you could have seen them, too. I still hope to send out an e-mail, later, and will tell you a little more about PWS.

I just wanted to let you know that I have checked in and am heartened by what I read in your blog. Keep up the good work (kicking ass)!

Talk to ya later,


PS I forgot to mention earlier that your pictures of Kalispel reminded me of how nice it is; thanks for posting them.

Rachel said...

Hey Nick,

It's Rachel (Jay's daughter) I just wanted to say that the band that I was repping on my headband, Protest The Hero, that you were asking me about is playing at the Austin House in Salt Lake City on October 11th. They are phenomenal and you should check them out if you get the chance.

If you thought you were sore from kayacking and waterskiing, well the intensity of their concerts are 1000 times worse!

I hope you are having a great time at college, living on your own and not eating your veggies! Also, great to hear that the test results you were waiting for turned out well.

All the best