Monday, December 29, 2008

Time to wear my hat

Nick will be having his 90 day scans next Monday, Jan 5th. I've allowed myself to be mentally unstable for the week prior to scans so to warn those I love, I have put on my anxiety hat (I probably should have a sign on my car, too). No one else is worried even a smidgen, so I'll take it on for them; I'm the mom, after all, and it is my right. Lee reminded me of my favorite quote by Corrie ten Boom, "Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength." I know that, but... It's not really worry I feel, just a dull sense of unrest - the wanting to protect my child, but can't.

Some may wonder of the impact of keeping track of all the other children with rhabdo, but these aren't statistics suffering, it's our own babies, daughters, sons, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighborhood kids, teenagers, cousins. I think we try to stay united for support for we truly know what we are going through as mothers; more importantly to make a united front in getting this monster of cancer eradicated, if only one child at a time. I think it is equally important for me to offer words of comfort as well as words of celebration in declaring what worked for Nick.

I just received an email about President-Elect Obama and how we can get some attention. Please read:

Obama is again taking questions to the Transition Team. The questions are then voted on by the public. Below is the question that was submitted by the founder of PAC2 (People Against Childhood Cancer). Please vote for this question. Do not submit the question again.

Childhood cancer is the #1 killer disease of our kids: 46 are diagnosed & 7 die each day. Additional funding is needed for research into better treatment options. Will you include funding in your budget to prioritize research to save our kids?

To vote it to the top,
1 - go to:
2 – register (if you haven’t already)
3 - search for “childhood cancer 46”

Vote for the question submitted by AJs Dad. Choose the check mark, not the X.

Please vote for our question. Let's get it in the top spot. Tell everyone you know to vote for it.

YOU DONT HAVE TO COPY AND PASTE THE SAME QUESTION. Because of duplicate postings last time, we lost out being in the top ten! We can do it this time.

Thank you! Pass it on!

Nick is doing incredibly well; he passed ALL his classes - engineering, calculus and chemistry - simply fantastic! He had his wisdom teeth pulled a couple of weeks ago and is healing slowly. He is loving his job at Deer Valley and has seen a few celebrities. He is eating like a typical college kid and at this moment, entirely independent! I am incredibly proud of him.

Happy New Year and many blessings of health and happiness to our wonderful network of family and friends. Your power and reverence has been undeniable, thank you.

Love Lori

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Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori,
When faced with life issues, we all find comfort in seeking words of wisdom from others - whether they be Corrie ten Boom or a mom like you or my favorite - God's word in the Bible. I read the following Bible verse while visiting Israel - you can substitute the word "cancer" for people.

"Don't be afraid of people, who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul....." Mathew 10:28

Since I've read ahead - I know the test results were answers to your prayers. My soul rejoices.
Love, aunt Chris