Monday, April 6, 2009

Results Part 3

Nick had an endoscopy today and they were able to retrieve 3 core biopsy samples. Dr. Adler said the tumor was "impressive". It is solid and intertwined with the splenetic artery with several suspicious pancreatic nodules too small to biopsy. The pathologists that read the initial slides would not confirm any diagnosis, however, they think it is rhabdo relapse. They retrieved enough tissue to stain and send out for further testing and confirmation of cancer. They have to say "5 business days" for results, but pretty sure we'll hear by end of week, including a plan of attack. They provided us with pictures from the ultrasound - could've been looking for a baby for all I know... I suspect Dr. Chen will want a bone marrow biopsy, too, but we probably won't meet with her until results are confirmed.

Nick has lost 9 pounds since last Friday. He still can't eat food yet because the pancreas is the workhorse of the digestive system, getting the stomach and liver going, and he needs the pancreas to just chill for a little while longer after being poked with a needle. Kid is hungry!

Kelsey had a double header softball game tonight (she won both) so we had a bit of normalcy to an upsetting day. My wonderful girlfriends spent the entire day with me at the hospital, for which I am so grateful. I think Nick will feel better tomorrow once he has a full tummy and had a chance to let some of the reality set in. It's rough, especially when we don't know what he is up against yet.

More to come later this week.



Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori, Nick, Carly, Kelsey, Todd, Lee, and the multitude of family and friends who are "solid and intertwined" with Nicholas Raitt. May the Holy Spirit abide in each of us and keep us focused on Hope, Faith and Love. As we join in prayer, let us believe and know - God loves us and hears our hearts. May God bless Nick tenfold in this crucial hour. Love, aunt Chris

Laurie Paganelli said...

Hi there,
I just wanted you all to know we're thinking of you during this scary time. Lots of prayers are heading Nick's way for sure! Hang in there.
Laurie (rhabdo kids friend)

Anonymous said...

Read about you on Ryan Salmons blog this morning and just wanted you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Find comfort and strength in those around you. Blessings to you all.

Michele VanDyke
Columbus, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Ryan Salmon's dad Brad mentioned you on Ryan's Blog........please know that there are many people you do not know that say prayers for you and all the children affected by this terrible disease. Keep fighting - you and Ryan make us proud to know you and marvel in your ability to continue to battle. Luv & hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Nick and family,
This is the 1st time I have been to your site as I just found out about it through Ryan Salmon's site. Nick, I will add you to my prayers daily whenever I pray for Ryan. I pray for peace that passes all understanding for your family as you await your test results. Hang in there, it looks like you are a fighter just like Ryan!
God Bless your family and Happy Easter!
Linda Wells

Marisa S said...

I read about you on Ryan Salmons blog today and I just thought I would drop by and say that you are also in my prayers. keep up the good fight and stay strong!!