Monday, April 20, 2009

Salt Lake City Marathon

On Saturday, Lee and I had the privilege of waiting at the finish line for Dave Sheffield, our long-time friend and controller at work. Because he couldn't join us in Nashville, Dave chose to run in the SLC Marathon, representing Nick's Warriors and raising a significant amount of money, as well. He has trained extremely hard and hates running as much as I do (I KNOW, that is huge!). It is with extreme pride and humble gratitude to post the following pictures and message from Dave:

"Finished Race – 4:46:03

I am really glad that the race is over and that I finished the race. The last 3 miles were really hard… but I did it for Nick. Running for Nick’s Warriors was worth it. Knowing that Nick was going through a lot more pain and anguish then I was, kept me going. If Nick can fight cancer head-on, I can endure the pains of a marathon.

The day was great… weather wise, and I had the support of my wife and two daughters the whole time. They met me at the 5 mile mark, the 23 mile mark, and at the finish line. Lee and Lori were also at the finish line… which was really nice. Having support is very important. I also had the support of other family members and friends at the 12, 18, and 20 mile mark. Knowing they were there helped keep me going. People were cheering and clapping throughout the whole route… and there were bands and individuals playing music on the route, as well.

Thanks Nick… for letting me run for you.
Dave Sheffield"


Anonymous said...

Way to go Dave!! And here I am concerned about "walking" 13 miles in Nashville! Wish you were coming with us Nick but know that you are being represented with tons of love and determination. It was great, as always, spending time with you last week. See you soon - much love - Jennie x

Chris Ulvin said...

Congratulations Dave
I am always amazed at what the human spirit can accomplish, endure, effect, and bless. Thank you for your friendship and support of Nick and his family. May "knowing what you successfully achieved in Salt Lake" stregthen everyone in Nashville.
In Christ's love, aunt Chris

Chris Ulvin said...

Happy Birthday 2011 Nick,
Today I will celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and what God helps us achieve. Dave's story is an inspiration and I'm in awe thinking of lives that were changed because Dave's commitment, Nick's encouragement, friend's charity, and family love. Way to go Warriors!
I just realized that the Psalms speak of battles a lot. How appropriate they are for Nick's Warriors. Today I add to Nick's psalm from Psalm 62:5-7. I'll let you look it up Nick.
May the past four years of your twenty two years strengthen you for your finite years and prepare you for your infinite years in the fortress of God. Amen.
Love, aunt Chris