Friday, April 24, 2009

We are here!

It took us over 15 hours from front door of our home to the lobby of the hotel, but we finally made it. Due to plane complications, we weren't able to make our connecting flight on time, so we were re-routed through Cincinnati, through Charolotte then to Nashville by midnight.

We are off to do some site seeing and shopping before coming back for our team dinner tonight!

I checked in with Nick and his counts are "in the gutter" at 1.1 white blood cell count and platelets are only 80. We are very grateful he is at home resting.

More to follow soon...


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Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick and Todd,
Stan, Jessica and I enjoyed our "Non-Nashville" weekend with you both. It was joyful seeing Nick hold little cousin Emerie when we visited April and Jonathan Hughes on Saturday. It was hopeful being in church with Rene and Johnny and then gathering later with the Raitt clan for pizza. We met Nick's newest cousin, Eleanor Widdison. God has blessed Jeniifer and Tom with a beautiful baby girl. Monday was a day of many firsts. We helped Nick move out of his first college apartment - we wished Makyla a first double digit (10) birthday, Carly hit a grandslam homerun (thankfully Todd was there to witness Carly's memorable softball event) and we watched Kelsey catch for her softball team just 48 hours after completing her first half marathon.
May God continue to bless the Raitts and all their family lineages. May God's grace cover Nick during his next three rounds of chemo. May God grant Nick his "first" opportunity to post I"M CANCER FREE FOR A SECOND AND LAST TIME. Amen.
Love, aunt Chris