Tuesday, June 19, 2007

@$%&!* and then some!

Well, we made it until 5:00 p.m. Monday afternoon when I checked his temperature at home and it was 102. After a quick call to the on-call doctor, we were back at Huntsman - room 4505 to be exact. I say back because we had just been there earlier in the day to have labs drawn, when he got sick and threw up a portion of his feeding tube, where it was coiled in the back of his throat.. It took us a couple of hours to get him to radiology and have it adjusted properly. To add insult to injury, his white blood cell count is zero. Not exactly a great time to be wandering the halls of the Univ of Utah Hospital and Huntsman.

Positives - he is safe and well-tended. He is on antibiotics, Tylenol, feeding tube, anti-mucus and anti-nausea meds, hydrating iv's and a wonderful machine that gives him his pain medication on demand (his mouth and esophogus are as bad as it ever has been before and he cannot speak). His chest x-rays are clear, he hasn't thrown up since he's been admitted and he's maintained a fever of 101 since this afternoon (spiked to 103 last night). He is getting some much needed sleep today AND, he should only be getting better from here on out. They don't expect his temp to be high for very much longer and his mouth issue should be improving every day.

He received about 30 letters from our church youth group on Sunday and I will finish reading them to him tonight. It's quiet and peaceful today so we'll absorb the healing and loving energy that is surrounding him so his weary body will recover.

Love, Lori


Anonymous said...

Wanted you to know that we here in at the National Guard are thinking of you.

The encouragement and letters you get from all of you family and friends is a testament to how many lives you have really touched.

If there is anything that we can do for you or your family please don't hesitate to ask or have one of them ask. Best wishes and remain "Army Strong"

SFC Sanchez

Anonymous said...

Nick get better soon! We miss you here at home...Love Car

Beci said...


I've had a hard time knowing what to say the last couple of days. I've seen what Chemo does and eventhough it saves lives it is such a horrible thing to go through. My heart hurts for you, your Mom, Dad, Lee, Carly & Kelsey. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all every day.......
The other night I dreamed that you and I were fishing together. When I woke up I remembered when we were in Fish Lake and just you and I got up early and went down to the lake to fish. Do you remember? You met that guy who helped clean the fish then we cooked it and ate it for dinner--I had so much fun fishing with you that morning. I also remembered when Scooter came up to the Log Home and you and I took him for a walk and just talked. I have really missed spending time with you. I always enjoyed being around you, Carly & Kelsey.
I finally got my Golden Retriever puppy, we named him Ochee. As soon as you get better, I want you to come and see him. He is so cute!! (I will email you pictures.) When we brought him home I just held him and cried I was so happy!
I am sending all my positive thoughts and prayers your way that your mouth will heal fast and that you will be able to eat and enjoy food once again. Love you all, Beci :)

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick
Thanks for sharing your Five-Star Hospital Room with your dad and me last night - June 21st - the longest day of the year. I got to experience how long your nights are since you don't get much sleep. I enjoyed meeting your friends Savanah, Mandy and Brandy. I look forward to hearing all the success stories the next five years will hold for you and your friends - and your family. I enjoyed visiting with your nurse - Melissa - who just returned two days ago from six months in Nepal -I hope you get to see her pictures. Nick, I am in awe of your calm and positve attitude. I was impressed when the assorted nurses would ask what you pain level was on a scale of 1 to 10 - and you would respond with "5" but quickly change it to "4". Way to use mind over matter - attitude over pain - hope over misery. I ask everyone that reads this comment to pray for quick healing of Nick's sores in his mouth, throat and nose - that Nick's eye will heal and that mucos will no longer build up in his mouth. Give thanks that a bacterial infection in Nick's bowels was diagnoised, is probably the cause of his current fever and is being treated as I type this. My prayer is that Nick will get to go home before I return to Lancaster - and this time next year - Nick will be posting a commment from the Sacraemento Delta. Peace be to everyone - restful sleep to Lori and Todd - and restored health to Nick. Love, aunt Chris