Friday, June 29, 2007

Things are looking up!

Dad Here,
Nick continues to slowly improve. He looks great but feels crappy. The irony is, the worse Nick feels the better he should become. Thats chemo for you! He will start his forth cycle on Monday, July 2nd and to lift his spirits I called the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and arranged for a large fireworks display for Wednesday evening. We would love to have everyone interested in visiting Nick at the hospital to stop by. The views from the Huntsman Cancer patio should be spectacular. Please visit Nick's Blog on Wednesday morning for additional details concerning the event.



Anonymous said...

Hey Nicky,

Courtney and I just missed you last week. We were at the Moran Eye Inst. on Wednesday. We were all prepared to come see you but Courtney text you and found out that you were home. DANG!

Anyway, we think about you ALL the time and pray for you daily! We love you!!! Keep your head up.

Wow, your dad made some pretty special arrangements for you for this coming week:)

Take care!


Chris Ulvin said...

Wow Nick
Your dad and I think alike! I checked with the City of Lancaster and found out they are also going to host a fireworks show on Wednesday evening. It will be at the fairgrounds with a mini-Rural Olympics Show and Western Band concert. Oh - maybe they are doing that for Independence Day? Come to think of it - you may be wishing for "Independence" from the Raitt sense of humor. No such luck - but I will have you in my prayers next week for Independence from Cancer - God Speed. Love, aunt Chris

Anonymous said...


Super Dave here. Dan's told me a lot about you, and I'm going to meet Amy this weekend at the Road America motorcycle races...I'll be racin', prayin', and thinkin' about you!

Stand up and lead your race! I'll be watching you!

Super Dave Rosno