Monday, July 2, 2007

Here we go! Round 4

This has been a very interesting week, so let's skip to the highlights. Savanna visited quite often and diligently watched episode after episode of LOST with Nick.
By Friday, Nick came with us to attend Carly's softball tournament (Todd brought his motor home) and he spent about 5 hours at the ball park, taking it easy in a lounge chair. It was a particularly beautiful evening with a spectacular yellow full moon.

Today, he had to have a mugga (sp?) scan to make sure his heart can withstand the new chemo he will be receiving July 23rd for round 5. Just typing that sentence seems very ridiculous. We then met with his oncologist and after she scolded the radiologist for the damage done to Nick's mouth and throat, she apologized to him for "overdoing it" with the last round of chemo. She is reducing his stay at the hospital this round from 5 days of chemo to 4 days because of the weight he has lost - Nick should be able to go home on Friday. She also took the time to show us the comparison of Nick's MRI's from April 12th vs. June 8th. She said his tumor has reduced to an 1/8th of its' original size after just 2 rounds of chemo. With this encouraging news, Nick went ahead and decided to go ahead and take on round 4 and was admitted this afternoon. The bonus is that the receptionist for Floor 4 saved the special suite/room for Nick - it is an awesome room with an adjoining separate room with a real foldout sleeper couch for guests (wahoo!) as well as an unbelieveable view of the city so the 4th of July celebration of the entire Salt Lake valley will be amazing from his room.

He is only able to drink very little water and Sprite but we are confident the additional hydrating fluids he will get this week will boost his saliva glands and we hope to get his feeding tube out by the time he is checked out to go home on Friday. His weight seems to be stable and he'll continue to try and eat different foods. His mouth sores have completely healed and he never did have any more pain medicine while at home. So watch out MUCUS, your days are numbered...

We also found out that the hospital allows patients to bring in their pets to visit. I laughed all the way home just thinking about bringing Scooter to the hospital. Nick just simply said, "no".

One last note: Nick has a second cousin, Amy, who also has cancer. I'm not sure of her specific situation - perhaps a relative could post a comment. He has another cousin, Dan, who races motorcycles and has dedicated his racing to both Nick and Amy, just to let them know they are on his mind. There are quite a few racers around the paddock that have these stickers on their bikes. Below are a couple of pictures of the artwork.

Thank you, the prayers are truly being felt. We wish everyone a wonderful July 4th holiday.

Lori (Mom)


Chris Ulvin said...

Happy 5th of July Nick
Hope the fireworks show in Salt Lake was as spectacular as the one in Lancaster. Chip Morris (Ryan's dad) was the fire marshall at the show - His method of making sure the firework technician knows his stuff is one simple question "Do you have all your fingers?" Stuart and Ryan stayed in San Luis for the 4th - purchased a kiddie's pool, straw hats and matching tank tops - I think I see another video in the works. Love to you - aunt Chris

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
I've made it to July 2007. In today's reading, both current and past, I'm reminded how you are able to keep a positive attitude - by your mom's example.
"A cheerful heart is good medicine". Proverbs 17:22
Dear God, bring a refreshing and healing touch to Nick through Your gift of laughter. Amen.
Love, aunt Chris