Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back to normal

My stomach has been able to handle more food everyday and its wonderful. I have gained 4 pounds and hope to keep gaining. Last night was extra special because it was the first time I have left my house to hang out with friends. I went with my friend Rob, and my girlfriend Savanna to Target and looked at CD's. We then went to the mall and did the same thing, except we got some Jamba Juices. I got a protein boost in mine because im trying to become a body builder. HA just kidding. Later that night, me and three other guys went bowling. I could only bowl decently with an 8 pound ball but I still beat 2 out of my 3 friends. Ha i bet they felt dumb.
To answer Jay's question........ I could have gone through all the gears, but there just wasn't enough straight aways. I have a helicopter ride set up anytime I want so I think I will try and do that soon. Im also going boating this Sunday...... but of course I am the designated driver since I cant get in the water.


Jennie said...

You just made my entire week wonderful!! reading your blog. Can't tell you how happy I am that you're feeling so much, much better. Way to go. Keep it up cowboy and enjoy a fabulous weekend. Love Jennie x

Chris Ulvin said...

Joy of Joys
Your dad will soooo appreciate having a skilled driver for both the boat and the car on Sunday. While attempting to park the car and trailer at Pine View Lake during my last visit - I clipped another trailer - Thankfully, no damage. Then while pulling your dad and Kelsey on the tube - your dad had to jump off the tube to get my attention. Kelsey asked "Dad, why did you jump off?" and your dad answered "I thought it would be fun to see what hitting the water at 50 plus miles per hour felt like!" Enjoy your weekend. I'll be 700 hundred miles clear of Pine View - so cars and your dad will be safe. You'll continue to be in our prayers as you conquer week 5 of chemo. Love, aunt Chris

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick;

Jay was so happy to pop in & see you for a bit this evening. Sorry we missed one another the other day when we were visiting.

So, when are we going flying? I mean ... come on ... if you're doing the motorcycle thing -- let's pull a few G's over the lake.

Sending all our love,
mb & j

Anonymous said...

Yea Nicky!!! I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling better. Tell your mom to contact Wendy Moklebust (a lady in your ward) she has a ton of information about alternative medicines for cancer treatment. 771-0710. What could it hurt???

Keep up the good work!!! It was tough not hearing from you for several days.

Jessica Ulvin said...

Hi Nick,
I am so glad that you are improving, and able to eat again! So Kris and I moved up to Monterey a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn't as bad when I had you and Stu help me move in SLO a couple of years ago. Haha, even when you're 100% next spring I wont ask you to help me move again!
Keep improving, I am hoping that I will be able to come out and visit sometime in August.


Chris Ulvin said...

Good Night Nick
On this first day of the week - Sunday July 22 - I give thanks to our heavenly Father that He has graciously kept me, my family, and all those known to me safe. I pray that He will keep us all this night and through the coming week. Let the Holy Spirit be with you, that cancer will have no power over your body and soul. Amen.

Chris Ulvin said...

Hi Nick
Your uncle Stan and I just returned from a four day Carnival Fun Cruise. It was your uncle's 40th High School Reunion Party. Since technology isn't free (or convenient) 25 miles out at sea - I am just now "Back to Normal" and able to post my daily prayers for you.
Dear Lord, today Nick had a port inserted for next week's round of chemo. Thank you for your grace and protection over Nick on this day. May the coming week bring no worry, only courage and strength. I ask in your son's name, Jesus, that new and final healing flow through Nick's port. Amen.

Love and prayers, aunt Chris