Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Which one do you think is the cancer patient?

Dad Here,
Nick continues to improve and it's wonderful to see him smile. I am so greatful to John Huntsman and the wonderful facility he built and continues to support. He is in the process of selling his business and plans to donate close to a billion dollars towards cancer research. Nick would like to invite everyone who hasn't already made plans to view the firworks from the Huntsman Center. It should cool down by 7:30 pm and the easiest way to get here is to head East on 100 South until you deadend at the top of the hill above the University. Go to the forth floor and we will be in room 4502 or on the patio. We look forward to seeing you!


Chris Ulvin said...

Happy 4th of July Nick
Glad to hear you are smiling! I thougt I'd post another Georgie Porgie Story - the nickname of your great uncle George Fries. This story comes from his nephew -Leo Zwemke.
"It must have been the first year I had a driver's license. Every Wednesday I'd go to Lewistown for confirmation. A lot of the time a friend, Bill Madsen would ride with me. We would try to get into Lewistown early enough to cruise the drag or wander around downtown before confirmation. One day we found something we just had to buy. I don't remember what it was but it was one of those must have things. Problem though, no money. I told Bill we could go up to the Mobile station and I could write a check because my uncle owned it.....Sure enough George was there and I asked him if I could write a check for $5.00 for cash. Remember when they had those counter checks that only had the bank name on them. Well George says,'Sure, but he would need some indentification.' He starts asking me all these questions. Hair color, height, weight, eye color, Are you Norwegian? Then he gets out an inkpad and has me fingerprint the check. Very serious during all of this. Finally, I get the $5.00 and we are on our way. After we get in the car, Bill asks, 'Is that guy really your uncle? He sure didn't seem to know who you were.' I'm sure George was laughing the whole time but he never let on."
Nick, I hope you laugh the whole day. We have great ancestors. Today is a time to reflect on our gift of independence and give thanks to those who made and continue to make it possible. On of my favorite 4th of July memories is the Raitt/Jasa family reunion in Liberty, Utah - 2000. May July 4, 2007 be a memory of loving family, good friends, caring nurses and VICTORY! Love, aunt Chris

Chris Ulvin said...

Great Picture - glad you didn't ask "Which one in the oldest? All of us in California love you Johnny. The Ulvins