Monday, July 23, 2007

Red Devil

What a weekend! Nick is feeling pretty great these days... he used very little of the feeding tube and relied on real, solid, tasty food and yes, Jamba Juice!

We attended an awareness walk for Team Sarcoma at Jordanelle Reservoir on Saturday. July is National Sarcoma Month and there are awareness walks and fundraisers being held around the world. I found out about this walk a few weeks ago, but forgot all about it until last Wednesday (Nick would attribute my memory issues from being too close to his radiation and chemo treatments). I quickly sent out an email and we actually had about 22 friends and family members attend proudly wearing "Cowboy Up - NWR" tee shirts, compliments of Jerry & Denise's neighbors, Bob & Joyce Stacey (way to go - Denise was on the phone in minutes of receiving my email and the Stacey's generously donated the tee shirts - all done within 2 days!) We had our local Channel 2 news shooting video and Nick and various supporters were later shown on the news Sunday night. The walk was actually a stroll so that everyone (over 100 individuals), including patients, could make the distance - took about 15 minutes. The need for awareness is that sarcoma only receives about 1% of all monies raised for cancer research, with prostate and breast cancer in the forefront. If anyone is interested on supporting sarcoma research, please make sure you specifically request the donation go directly to sarcoma.

After the awareness walk/barbeque, Nick and entourage took off to the rodeo Saturday night, compliments of his Uncle Bill. He came home late that night a very happy, albeit tired, young man.

Sunday, he was up and at it again going boating with his dad, family and friends. He didn't mind too much being the driver as he thoroughly enjoyed his sister, Kelsey - age 11, totally soak his other sister, Carly - age 16, while on the water tubes by spraying her with carefully placed feet, serenaded by gales of uncontrollable laughter by Kelsey and serious whining by Carly.

Today we met with Dr. Chen and she informed us Nick will receive the chemo drug affectionately referred to as the "red devil"; aka adriamycin. This drug has a punch and he is to expect some possibly brutal mouth sores and mucusitis again. Now that his mouth is doing so well, the great medicines he has will help prevent too much irritation and will hopefully heal rather quickly. He received the "red devil" tonight and will only have one dose this week - a dose takes 24 hours to infuse (drip) into his system. When the nurse came in to give it to him (decked out in her mad scientist outfit to protect herself from getting even a drop of the chemo on her skin or clothing), the iv bag actually is covered in black plastic due to the sensitivity to light. Very ominous looking - I'm thinking, "you're going to put that into my baby?"

HE GOT HIS FEEDING TUBE OUT! He is checked in room 4519, accompanied by his prayer blanket sent to him by Aunt Chris. He already had one visitor, Jennie, and she said a prayer and tied a knot - so this week is off to a great start.

One last note - we have the new Harry Potter book and I've given Nick first dibs to read it. He has until my turn to spend the night on Wednesday to have started or he forfeits it back to me, cancer or no cancer - this is Harry Potter's final book for crying out loud!

Thanks, everyone, for checking in on Nick and especially the prayers. With love and a happy heart,

Lori (Mom)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the tube is out and that real food is back on the menu. Your awareness walk looked like fun was had by all. We think of you often and keep up on your blog. My prayers are with you always and hopefully I can get up there on Thursday to see you.

SFC Ray Sanchez

Chris Ulvin said...

Happy Wednesday Nick
Well, if your mom takes the Harry Potter book while you're in the shower (you do take extremely long showers) ask the hospital librarian to bring you the Bible and read the book of Daniel. It tells of Kings, servants, enchanters, magicians, astrologers, and diviners - plus lions, furnances and dreams. Daniel made long-range predictive prophecy - one being the Roman Empire which did not come into existence until 450 years after Daniel wrote the book - alittle more impressive than Rowling. Actually, your mom can probably read it while you're in the shower because it is only 12 chapters long. While I'm on the prophecy theme - I talked to your great uncle Warren in Washington State - since your cousin Nicelle is getting married August 26th - I had to cancel my plans to visit Uncle Warren and Aunt Barbara that weekend - anyway, they ask about you all the time (they don't have internet - imagine that) and Warren said "I feel Nick is going to be alright" - So there you go - Love to you, aunt Chris

marie ulvin said...

Hi Nick
Your California Grandma prays for you every day.
May God Bless You with His Grace and His healing power.
Love, Marie Ulvin

Chris Ulvin said...

Happy Sunday Nick
No News is always Good News in the Ulvin/Raitt way of thinking - so I hope "No New Blog Page" is "Things are going Good" in the Nick Raitt way of thinking. It will be Great News when your blog page says "Signing off - my cancer is history". We are looking forward to seeing your dad next week in Mammoth, CA and there is a good chance Stuart and I will visit you the following weekend for Nicelle and James Engagement Party. I hope you'll be ready for a Crown Burger as Stuart would love that place. May you continue to gain weight (not many people in the United States need prayer for that) and heal in the coming week. Love, aunt Chris

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
May God continue to heal your body, grant your mom extra hours each day so that she can keep sarcoma research in the news, bless all your friends, make ways for you to enjoy time with your sisters and dad, use the chemo pumped into your body to kill all cancer cells, and answer Jennie's prayers for you.
aunt Chris