Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Latest

Nick here......
Im posting this to let everyone know my current condition.
I still have the frustrating mucus in my mouth that is preventing me from eating, and forcing me to continue using a feeding tube. I hate it cuase all I want to do is eat a meal without gagging and enjoy my food. Hopefully this mucus will be gone soon though.
I have to get another MRI sometime next week I believe, and it will show the progress of the tumor. I am eager to see how much smaller it is. I dont want to have to do more treatments after the next 4 mandatory ones, so hopefully it will all be dead by then.


Jennie said...

Hello Nick - No s*** you're frustrated!!! I would be too. Unfortunately its taking longer for your saliva glands to heal than anticipated but hopefully each day they are getting a little better. So glad to hear that your tumor has shrunk so much, that's very encouraging isn't it - now get the rest of the chemo out of the way and fingers crossed it'll do the trick. Keep fighting your war Nick and kick it in the butt! With love - Jennie xx

Denise said...

Hi Nick,
I’m sorry that you are still having so many problems with that mucus crap in your mouth. Put together a favorite foods list and when the time is right we’ll have a Feast! I’m pretty good at putting together a ‘party in a bag’ or ice chest, as the case may be. I enjoyed spending the 4th in your room and I tried to make it a little bit festive even though I knew you wouldn’t be able to eat. I hope that you enjoyed the company. The view of the fireworks across the valley was great. The ones at the U stadium were the best, probably because they were the closest and I could actually see them. Thanks for having us. Next year we’ll come to your house for the party. Hang Tough! See you soon. Love ya, ~Denise

Michelle said...

Hi Nick,
I think you posted at Rhaddo kids at ACOR. I was wondering if you have had your sores swabbed? My son did and it turn out his are herpes not mucositis. They give him acyclovar before his ANC goes down to prevent them. Hang in there and I'll be praying for clear clans.
Michelle Fuentes

Chris Ulvin said...

Good Morning Nick
Your uncle Stan and I picked out your Prayer Quilt last night after a church meeting - Pastor Don and Pastor Norma helped - we all decided the one with a surf board, sea shells, and a "Woody" car was the right one. Our prayer on Sunday will be for your healing and a lifetime remission of cancer - which means "Nick and friends are coming to California" to visit - SOON.
Dear Friends and Family in Utah - When you visit Nick, please say a prayer and tie a knot on his "California or Bust" Prayer Quilt - Psalm 20:5 - May the Lord grant all your requests.
Love, aunt Chris

Chris Ulvin said...

Good Morning Fisherman Nick,
It is perfect that the first comment on "The Latest" is from Jennie since today you are fishing with her and others. I hope you are wearing your St. Peter medalion since he is the saint of fishermen. I can't wait to read the "Newest Latest" when you return - I bet it will be a whopper.
I'm going to follow my own advice from 2007 - visit you in my heart and mind, say many prayers, and tie a heavenly knot with the word Amen.
May God bless you with fun and fellowship this coming week.
Love, aunt Chris