Sunday, July 29, 2007

Round 5 Complete!

What a week - we are all exhausted! I know this site is for Nick, but I really need to express the chaos involved in just making it through this week.

Nick was admitted on Monday, a relatively easy day of packing, doctor's appointments, grocery shopping and laundry. We were up Tuesday morning at 5:30 a.m. so the girls and I could leave by 6:00 a.m. to be on time for pre-game warm up at 7:00 a.m. for the first game (of two) of Carly's "Xtreme" softball team participation in the World Series (this is why they play softball). Fast forward: Kelsey also had a tournament beginning on Wedensday - all in all, there were a combined 14 games throughout the week - some in Park City (making wake-up time 5:00 a.m.); some in Kaysville and some in Salt Lake City. Lee and Todd were both out of town Wednesday and Thursday and Carly was understandably uncomfortable driving by herself. I was enormously grateful Nick was in the hospital being well taken care of and had visitors to keep him company. Softball results: Carly's team took 6th in the International Bracket - best place ever for Xtreme. Kelsey's team, Bukoos, made their last game competitive, however losing 4-6 (this too is fabulous as it was their first tournament in a 12 & under placement). Nick had a lot of softball players trafficking in and out of the hospital as we met up for rides, lunch, etc. Crazy.

Ok, back to Nick... He had a surprise guest:

Who could've brought in this pesky visitor? Rob?

Nick's silly godmother's?

No! It was Makelle and friends!

This special guest scared the life out of many nurses and aides as they came into Nick's room late at night to take his vitals. Very, very funny. Nurse Mary finally took "Ivy" from Nick's room and put her on a stool outside with a plastic bag attached to her stating "The buck stops here!" and people kept putting money in the bag - Nick made $11.

The clowns were a huge success! Nick's oncologist, Dr. Chen, had her mother-in-law admitted to the hospital just 2 rooms down from Nick. She was so delighted, she brought her mother-in-law to visit them and then later brought her husband. Nurse Mary, of course, made the most of it and brought in patients to enjoy, too.

The prayer quilt was used by several visitors, including Nick's aunt & uncle, Pam & Wally. It was very cool and everyone enjoyed saying prayers and tying the knots.

I was wrong about the "Red Devil"; I thought he would only get one dose of it - he actually got 4 (I usually ask for a copy of the written orders but I forgot to this week...). He seems to be doing ok; we got home Friday night but he had a tough time waking up Saturday and we didn't get back to the hospital for his Neulasta shot until late in the afternoon. The nurse suggested he get a couple bags of hydration before leaving - which he did and it did make him feel better. He is still eating Top Ramen! Now we're just watching his temp, currently at 100...

Ok, that's it for now. Thanks for checking up on Nick!

With love,



Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori and family
Great pictures - wonderful news. I'm glad the girls had a successful week of softball and thankful that Nick had friends to fill in the gap and keep things lively. I'll pray that Nick's immune system is restored quickly and the source of his fever is identified and treated. I'll give thanks for the gift of a mother. Lori,you bless us all with your joyful, informative blog notes. God bless you and all that you love. In Christ's love, aunt Chris

Jennie said...

Hello Nick - Sorry to hear you're feeling crappy from the "Red Devil". Wow! - was surprised you got 4 treatments. That's good though 'cause you may not have liked it much but I'm sure the cancer cells liked it even less - kill off those little buggers! How goes Harry Potter? Have you managed to hold on to the book?? And super woman Lori, what can I say - you're absolutely astounding in your energy and positiveness. Nick, always remember that you have her amazing genes in you to help you fight your war. I had such a great time with you on Thursday. Thank you - you're a star. Surrounding you in love, light and lots & lots of healing - Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
It is with knowledge of your past successes (and survival) with chemo that I pray for a repeat on September 27, 2010.
Love, Aunt Chris
Hebrews 11