Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Round 3

Nick Typing:

This 3rd cylce has really kicked my butt. I started the cycle already pretty tired and eating was already hard becuase of the radiation which is why this treatment has been so hard.
The reason for my eating problems is because the radiation has killed my salivary gland, which has created a thick mucus to form in my mouth. ITS DISGUSTING! It takes forever to wash out and coats my entire mouth, coating anything I try to eat which makes me gag since it feels like swallowing something covered in snot. It really is gross. But I have found some tricks....... Baking Soda and water seem to help, tomato soup goes down nice, and lastly Cheerios has been a lifesaver in the hospital. I can somewhat taste it and its good for me to eat so it worked out well.
Now that I have started my 3rd cycle the mouth sores have started, and I still have the mouth mucus so its even harder to eat now. UGGGHHHHHH! It should be a week or two before the mucus is gone and that will be a huge help when it is. My last day of radiation is tomorrow.......... HURRAY!


Anonymous said...

Thursday is "Freedom Day" - last radiation - YIPPEE!!!! Can't imagine what you're experiencing but eating "snot" doesn't sound very exciting! Sounds worse than my cooking!! Keep thinking positive Nick - your mind is truly one of the best medicines you can get. I imagine at times it is very difficult to stay positive and strong but your essence is strength and being positive - keep pulling from deep within you, its there. Healing, love & light - Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Good Morning Nick - my friend
May God give you peace, quick healing and cause the pleasure of eating to return to you now! Would you be willing to try a prayer experiment for me? Please say a prayer before each meal. Prayer builds an intimate relationship with our heavenly Father and connects us with God's love and resources. Ask for His resources to dissipate the mucus in your mouth and allow you to eat. Prayer is just "talking" so don't be intimdated - I would pray like this - Dear Heavenly Father - creator of the universe and provider of all good gifts. My mouth is ravaged, my salivary gland destroyed and my ability to taste and swallow hampered. I need your help. Please bless this food that I am about to receive - that it may pass down my throat and nourish my body. Amen.
Dear Todd and Laurie - I am thankful that one of you is always by Nick's side as he stays in the hospital - I encourage you to join Nick in his mealtime prayers. Please add requests to God for immediate concerns that are not known by most of us.
1 Peter 3:12 tells us "The eyes of the Lord watch over those who do right, and his ears are open to their prayers." All of you are doing "right" - as evident by the love you show to each other and to the rest of us through this blogspot. May God answer all our prayers that are in line with His will. Amen. Love, aunt Chris

Beci said...


That does sound really gross--I can't imagine what that would be like. I bet you can hardly wait to be able to taste food again and that once that happens you will try all sorts of things you have never tried before.

I agree with both comments before mine. Jennie is right the power of the mind is the strongest thing in the entire Universe. I am sure it is hard to stay positive right now. I know when I am tired and hungry I don't deal with anything and become almost irrational. It is easy to be positive when you have enough energy and sleep - almost impossible otherwise. Just keep remembering how many people are sending love and energy your way and that you are not doing this alone.

I also believe prayer will help. You don't have to do it any particular way just say what you want. I watched Dani overcome so many obsticles when she used to be in the hospital right after she, her Dad and I had prayed for help. Sometimes almost immediately. There was one night that she was on a ventilator and there was a staff infection going around from the tubes on the ventilators. One of the babies had died. We knew she had to go off of it and gathered around her and prayed really hard. Her dad said we need help to get her off this now!! Within 2-3 hours she pulled it out herself and they were able to keep her off it! The nurses said it was a miracle -- we knew better.

Hang in there....we are all praying for you -- you are not alone!! Love, Beci :)

Jay Paterson said...

Hi Nick,
Its Friday the 15th, and I just wanted to say hello.
You have some really great people rootin' for you, including all of the comments already posted.
Back in the 50's it used to be really cool to swallow goldfish, live. I'm sure glad I missed that one.
My kids, and grandkids, YACK when they even think about such stuff as grits, Cream of Wheat, plain yogurt and junk like that.
When you get through this you'll be able to eat anything!
Of course you may not want to. There are some Chinese and Inuit delicacies that I don't even want to know about.
You'll have to watch out for the after effects of the baking soda. GAS is not pleasant when your system is all bunged up.
I've got to warn you, I'm a helluva cook, so when you get out of this mess you can look forward to some pretty cool dishes. Rachel, our daughter, has been a vegetarian for almost 12 years and I guarantee you I can make TOFU ( can you say yuck one time for me please?) taste great.
Keep the strength up, and we're cheering for you.
Hope the 20 Canadian dollars I scraped off the Senators after they got pooped all over by The Ducks in The Stanley Cup comes in handy.
See you soon.
Jay Paterson