Sunday, June 17, 2007

Round 3 Completed!

He did it! Both radiation and round 3 of chemo have been completed (radiation graduation picture) - and let me tell you it has not been an easy feat for Nick. Rather than give any more energy to the effects of the drugs done to Nick's body this past week, I'll share some of the highlights:

Nick's friends brought this mask to help him "wrestle" cancer!

He was also visited by his Cowboy godmothers... They came to rob him of all the candy and cookies he had stashed in his room. It was a bust, unfortunately. Not a speck of sugar in the room!

And the neighborhood family...

This has been a particularly rough week for Nick. He is on a feeding tube this week so he can still get some nutrition in his body while his mouth and throat heal. So far he's avoided being admitted back into the hospital. Our favorite nurse, Mary, was there for part of the week, which is always so special.

Also, the combined efforts of our family has been so amazing; Lee's calm, constant and loving support for me, as well as for Carly and Kelsey while I've been at the hospital (their lives are just as hectic with softball season in full swing - pardon the pun); Carly actually went and rescued Scooter when he ran away last week without any complaint or having to ask and she has also helped run errands, help with Kelsey's birthday party, grocery shopping and taking Kelsey to practice and attend her games when we can't be there; and Kelsey helps me with Nick's feeding tube and does her best to keep her room clean. Nick's dad, Todd, rolls his sleeves up to help hold Nick up while he is getting sick and taking turns staying at the hospital; we all seem to fill in naturally when needed.

We're very grateful for the continued prayers, support and encouragement. We are hoping by next week, he'll be able to eat like a healthy 18 year-old young man.

With love, Lori


Jay and Anne Paterson said...

Way to go MOM.
Hey Nick, you all look great!

See you soon

Jay and Anne

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Lori and family
Uncle Stan and I thoroughly enjoyed "Round Three" Charity Softball Tournament today - September 11, 2010 in beautiful Salt Lake City. Nick looked great - sure love his smiling soul. Thank you to all who were there - parents, grandparents, fairy godmothers, sisters, friends, family, cancer survivors, and volunteers - the two softball parks were overflowing with the spirit of service and love.
Dear Lord, may you take the love from today's charity event, increase it tenfold, and return it to Nick as healing and life sustaining power. Amen.
Love and gratitude, aunt Chris