Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I met Lance Armstrong!

So yesterday a man came into my room who I have never met or seen before, but it was easy to tell he worked here at the Huntsman. After introducing himself and shaking my hand he was very delighted to let me know that there was a VIP visitor coming today. He then told me that this guest will only be seeing one patient with John Huntsman Sr. and that he had talked to all the nurses, and they had all recommended me as the one who should be able to meet the VIP. I was expecting him to tell me that another Utah Jazz player was coming to visit, but when I asked him who was coming the man raised his eyebrows and calmly said...... Lance Armstrong. I kind of just laid there for a second and looked at him with no expression before finally mumbling, "No Way!". The man then told me that he would be around at 4 the following day.

So I have spent this entire day in preparation for the arrival of the biggest cancer celebrity in the world to visit MY ROOM. My Mom, Sisters and Dad were all excited as well and were blown away at the opportunity coming. My Dad showed up with books, t-shirts and markers for Lance to sign all this stuff.
Around 2 in the afternoon, The Man finally arrived with John Huntsman, both wearing very nice suits and looking very presentable. I shook both of their hands and told them how much of an honor it was to meet them both. I towered over Lance in height, but not John. He was a tall man. We talked for about 2 whole minutes about the facility and each other, and that was about it. We then had a group picture taken in my room before they had to leave, but not before I gave both John and Lance a gratitude rock and my own wrist band (which Lance put on immediately, before giving me one of his own). My dad did not get one autograph. HA HA
So my visit with Lance Armstrong was very short, but I will always remember it and can say from this day forth that I met the man who beat cancer and won the Toure De France 7 times in a row. Can you say that? Not many can!
I have a couple pics here from our own camera that we took of him but the Huntsman Institute will send us the good ones in due time.

And last night, my Godmothers (GM's) came to visit in their stylish ways as always. They decorated my room like Marti Gra. It was a big party for my last round of chemo. They also presented me with a paper voucher for a 2 night stay at the Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab for me and some buddies. It is the coolest place and there is tons of stuff to do there. I am way excited to go down there this summer and maybe do some dirt biking, river rafting, and some horseback riding! Thanks GM's!

Here are some more pics...


Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
You are a V.I.P. in the eyes of everyone who reads your blogspot so Lance doesn't have anything on you (other than winning the Toure de France 7 times - but hey, you're only 19 years old). I liked the Mardi Gras celebration theme so my Easter prayer will be that you have "feasted" on your last round of chemo and God will remove all cancer cells from your body during this time of Lent. We will be in Utah to celebrate Easter with you. Love, aunt Chris

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
I see the gift "visitors" are to patients in the hospital. I need to look into volunteering at our local hospital. May you be encouraged in the weeks ahead as you rest and heal. Amen.
Love, aunt Chris