Monday, March 24, 2008

I still got game!

So I was able to shoot around at the Ice Sheet in Ogden today for the first time in a year. It was awesome and I did a lot better than I expected. I still have the skills! So after an hour of shooting, I was in the dressing room area where I ran into one of my hockey coaches from high school. He was happy to see me and to see how I was doing. We talked for a few minutes about hockey and my fight. Then before he had to go back into the locker room to make sure his team was ready to go, he told me to call him if I was ever interested in helping coach. I replied a long 3 seconds later with, "What..... Are you serious?". He said "Of course!". I was stunned, especially since I only played a year and a half of competitive hockey. But I am way stoked on the opportunity to help coach not only high school hockey team, but a decent one at that. So I will see how my schedule works out but I hope I can help out. It would be so cool.
I then finished off the night with a wonderful dinner with my family which included: My Aunt Chris, Uncle Stan, my cousin Jessica and her fiance Kris, Kelsey, Carly, and my Dad. We ate at The Mandarin, where Carly works. Its chinese food and Carly serves water and stuff there. HA
Also I had the pleasure of meeting Jay Paterson today. We had a good time talking about water skiing, hockey, Canada, and a bunch of stuff. He was even nice enough to buy me lunch! Thanks Jay!
Oh, and I met with some nurses today at Primary Children's Hospital to talk about some volunteer work that I will be able to do soon, so that was nice to get going. The nurses are really nice there and love to have fun. They seriously play games all day and shoot squirt guns. It will be way fun!
Alright well thats all I can think of now so I am going to shower and then to bed. Talk to you soon! Later...


Jennie said...

Wow! You've been busy and it sounds as though you will be getting even busier once you get back from Boston being a volunteer at Primary - so proud of you to be doing this. You'll be a great help and role model for the kids up there. It's awesome. AND THEN... coaching. Congrats Nick I know you will do extremely well. A man of many talents.
Good luck in Boston. Each day I include you in my prayers and surround you in love, light and healing. If the angels thought they were busy before I'll be doubling up my chats with them to make sure they work overtime on you and give you a good clean biopsy. It's kind of like getting your face "spring cleaned"!!!!
Love you lots - see you soon. Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Good Night Nick,
We are back in the good ole Antelope Valley. We enjoyed celebrating Easter with you and your family. May God's grace cover you in upcoming travels and surgery. May God's healing hands touch you each morning when you wake. Love, aunt Chris