Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Number 12.... the last one

I started my 12 and hopefully last chemo yesterday and am so eager to get it over and done with. Yesterday I started my stay here at the Huntsman with an unexpected visit from my Uncle Bill (Uncle Willie to me). Its nice having him stop by, he always has funny stories and a good spirit. We are both into the health drink Mona Vie, so if your interested he is the man to talk to.
I am still eating well in the hospital, even though its only day 2. And lately I have been doing a little bible reading, since I know nothing about the bible and its teachings and stories. I have always been a big fan of the story of Moses though.
Anyways that is all that I have got for now, I will post again sometime soon.


Jennie said...

HAPPY TUESDAY!! Before you know it you'll be back at home with round 12 behind you..... Glad to hear you're doing some reading - it helps make the time go by quickly. And yes - you are a funny man!!See ya soon - sending healing, healing and more healing. - Jennie x

Chris Ulvin said...

Dearest Nick,
Moses is an important person to know about as he gives us an insight to our awesome God. First, God chooses people who are just like you - a simple family man (Exodus 3:1)to do miraculous things. God has witnessed our human reservations through Moses and doesn't mind when you question Him. Moses pleaded with God to not send him - he questioned "Who am I" (Exodus 3:11) and God replies I will be with you. Moses asks what should I call you (Exodus 3:13) and God answers "I Am who I Am". Moses doubts that anyone will believe him (Exodus 4:1) and God shows him a miracle. Moses reminds God that he is slow of speech and tongue (Exodus 4:10) and God says "Who gave man his mouth? In desperation, Moses says "O Lord, please send someone else to do it" (Exodus 4:14) and some two thousand years later we are still taking about what Moses did. God is great - all the time.
Nick, God knows what you are going through - He is by your side always - He nevers asks you to do more than He has equiped you to do. Not only does the Bible tell me this - but your actions this past year shows me this is true. Keep your eyes on God as it puts you in good company. Love, aunt Chris

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
I read about Rex Anderson today. I too feel your mom's sorrow in learning a loved son has gone ahead of his parents. I find comfort in the words from God in the Bible: "I, the Lord, will be your eternal light, more lasting than the sun and the moon". Isaiah 60:20.
I was uplifted when I returned to this posting and learned you were reading the Bible. May God strengthen your spirit with His word - yesterday, today and tomorrow. Amen.
Love, aunt Chris