Sunday, March 2, 2008

Funny Pictures

So I was at a friends house the other day hanging out and they had an new iMac home computer. It was way cool and you can take the coolest pictures and videos. So we probably spent a good two hours taking pictures and videos of all of us. It was a good time. Anyways I thought I would just post a few of my best pictures to hopefully get a good laugh out of some of you.

p.s. I am wearing my new cowboy shirt in these pictures. Its awesome.


Lori Brower said...

Don't let Nick kid you - this is what happens to all 19 year-old guys that go through chemo, ride motorcycles, tease girls and play video games.


Jennie said...

You're a NUT!!!!!! Nice shirt.
Love Ya - Jennie x

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
Great pictures - I'm thinking you should start your own T-shirt, greeting card, coffee mug company using those pictures - N.I.C.K - Nephew Inspires Chemo Kids. Love, aunt Chris

Nick Raitt said...

Man I am funny!

Makelle said...

Nick..these pictures are pretty amazing..I'm thinking you need to add your dancing video on here for everyone to see!

Chris Ulvin said...

Hi Nick,
I think I'm going to enjoy reading March 2008 posts. When looking up "laughter" in the concordance of my Bible, it took me to Psalm 126.
May you remember your laughter from the past, may you dream of laughter in the future, may you laugh in the present.
"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy [laughter]". Psalm 126:3
Love, aunt Chris