Friday, February 29, 2008

Dr. Chen is happy!

It's confirmed - the scans are good! Nick will have one more round of chemo next week and then Dr. Chen said the chemo & radiation work is done!

She does, however, want us to contact both our NY & Boston surgeons(we'll have to chose one) to perform a biopsy and "clean up" of the original tumor site and see what pathology shows. So, we still have a bit more to go.

Until then, we're celebrating the progress and current results! We absolutely know we couldn't have made it without the love, support and prayers given unconditionally for Nick's health.

We're also going to focus on diet and other alternative healing measures to help Nick's rebuild his body to be as strong as possible.

Thank you so very much!

With extreme gratitude,



Shannae said...

Congratulations Nick! You're almost out of the woods! You've fought a good fight, and you deserve a break!!! Take care of yourself, and have as much fun as you can handle!

From a fellow Utahan and a Rhabdo Survivor,


Jennie said...

One more round of chemo - HOORAY! Okay - so you still have some work to be done to clean up the original site. I know it wasn't quite what you wanted to hear but hey the scan looked good. It's a positive step forward. A good chance to catch a baseball game in either Boston or New York!!! I'll buy the hot dogs! Bike riding, sky diving, water skiing and summer fun are around the corner. Lori, the prayer you posted is wonderful. So true. Let's celebrate clear scans and a good "clean-up". Love, light, laughter and healing coming at ya! Your friend always - Jennie xx

Our Family said...

Thats awesome news!

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick and family,
I believe your consideration of diet is so important. God created food before He created us - so eat foods the way they were created - fresh - natural - and fruits and vegetables abundantly. A good rule of thumb is shop the outside aisles in the grocery store - produce, meat, dairy and bakery. Skip all those inside aisles. If you buy processed foods - read the label - and if it has words you can't pronounce and you have no idea what they are - Don't eat it. You already know this - but sugar needs to be listed fifth or less in the ingredients. Godspeed in your full recovery. I give God thanks for you. Love, aunt Chris

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on this wonderful news.. We are so excited for you. We will continue to keep you in our prayers during this last round of chemo.
Lori, Shawn, Ashley and Ryan