Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bum Rap - Round 11

Mom & Lee got this tee shirt for me!

My godmothers visited tonight on my 3rd night of chemo and they dressed up in something I would have never guessed. It was so unexpected that it took me a couple of seconds to start smiling. HA
One aide said, "Aw, man - I'm not supposed to look at that!"
Jenny had a wonderful poem prepared before the entire costume was revealed, and when they revealed it all it all made sense. We then took a walk around the hospital hoping the other patients would see them. Unfortunetely most of the patients here are older and go to bed early so only the aides and nurses really got a kick out of the costumes.

Carly & Kelsey had been out getting a drink and came back in the room - the exposure took them back a bit and they really thought it was real! There was a collective groan from Lee, Carly & Kelsey when they posed for the pictures.
Very, very funny. The night also included take-out dinner from our favorite Indian restaurant, the Bombay House - it was fantastic! Tonight was a good night!


Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
There is another reason I love you - You have Great Godmothers and you share them with all of us who visit your blogspot. Give them a "love pat" on those bare butts of theirs next time they visit and say "my aunt Chris thanks you for keeping my spirit focused on joy and laughter". May God continue to bless you through the loving souls of your family, Godmothers, friends and the medical staff. Love, aunt Chris

Obsessedwithlife said...

That's awesome! I always wanted one of those t-shirts like of my good friends (also a sarcoma patient) had one of those!

Beci said...

Nick... I love the costumes and the expression on Carly's face! I couldn't help but laugh. It is true - you are too sexy for your hair - You are still totally handsome even without your hair! My continued prayer is that you will be cancer free and healthy... Love always, Beci :)