Sunday, February 24, 2008

St. George, Utah

So this weekend was very active for the whole family and it all took place down in St. George.

Both my sisters Carly (16) and Kelsey (11) had softball tournaments there so they drove down with my mom on Thursday night. I drove down Friday night with 2 buddies who also have dirt bikes and we decided we would get our first rides of the year out of the way down there since it is 60 degrees in St. George. Lee also flew in Friday night so that he could see the girls play.

Saturday was one of the best riding I have ever done. It got to the high 60's and the sun was out.... oh man it was picture perfect. The bikes ran great and no one was hurt.

My sisters played pretty good and I was able to watch both of them play a little bit before my buddies and I passed out in the grass at the game after we had just got done riding for over 5 hours straight. I was feeling muscles that I had no clue existed! Carly's team ended up placing 2nd out of 8 teams and Kelsey's team took 5th out of 12. So pretty good weekend.

The guys and I also rode a little on Sunday too but we were already so sore and tired that we decided to just go home and call it good. A great weekend though for sure!

I made a video in like 15 minutes of the little footage I did take while riding just to show you how nice it was and honestly to show you my "amazing" capabilities a week after getting out of the hospital. HA. Its nothing much but I have always wanted to put a video on here. Enjoy.
I ordered the sticker on my bike special. It says "cure childhood cancer". One and only!


Jennie said...

Good morning "Biker Man"! How do your muscles feel today? Sounds like a perfect weekend - YIPPEE!!! Amazing what determination does isn't it - there was no way you were going to miss St. George and "by george" you didn't. Great sticker, great guy..... Spring is on the way with lots more biking days ahead. Looks like a lot of fun. Sending you love and happy sunshine always - GM Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Happy Leap Year Nick
You were "leaping" in St. George and I expect there were "lizards" there too! I just had a vision of the next costume creation your Godmothers might surprise you (and the rest of us who look forward to all your postings - and now video clips) with at your last (may everyone keep praying for complete eradication of Nick's tumor) stay at Huntsman Center. Love is a powerful energy - it started with the Trinity - it flows through you Nick - it joins us all together for an eternity. May God continue to bless you. Love, aunt Chris

Anonymous said...

We are hard core for life! That was so much fun! Get ready for tons more where that came from. #12 and #91 are gonna rock some motocross podiums this season.
Much Love Brother

Chris Ulvin said...

Hi Nick,
Modern technology is amazing. I watched your video and wondered "where does all this stuff get stored?" I wondered if my great grandchildren will visit your blogspot and watch this same video? I wondered if your children will think of cancer the way you think of polio? Eradicated and nonexistent.
Nick, it is an interesting story God is revealing through you. May you live it well and faithfully.
Love, aunt Chris