Sunday, February 1, 2009

163 pounds!

Hey guys,

So in the past month I have gained almost 10 pounds due to some working out and my weight gaining shakes that I drink. I look and feel good being back to my normal weight and am ready for more, even though it will be tough with all of my traing that I am doing right now for the marathon, which I have just recently found out that my cousin Jessica will be running now too with some friends. So it will be awesome to have more family involved!
Speaking of the marathon.... I have some really awesome news involving races. I have been talking to some buddies from First Descents kayak camp and they are really determined to raise some money this summer for some more campers. They wanna raise $20,000 dollars by participating in what are called Adventure Races. There are about 5 races hosted every summer in Moab and mostly Colorado. They are really extreme and each one is unique in its own way. Basically they are like triatholons except you kayak instead of swim. Here is the link if you interested in seeing what I will be doing this summer with my team:
We are doing two of the races.... I believe the 6 hour Buena Vista and the 12 hour Summit so I am pretty excited. We are in the proccess of making our promo video which will be sent out to corporations who hopefully will help donate by sponsoring us. So the marathon that I am running this April will not be my last race. I will have to continue the training all summer. Here I come six pack!!!!!!
Also, I attended one of my step dads Strategic Coach entrepreneurial groups this past week and I was able to meet a lot of people that have been following my journey from the very beginning. I have never met anyone, yet they have prayed for me during my fight with cancer. It was awesome to get to talk with them finally and see them in person. Some of the Strategic Coach staff were there who were involved in getting me the Maple Leafs jersey signed by Mats Sundin. So once again I would like to thank them. I answered questions for all of them and it was a cool experience.
Lastly, just fyi...... The documentary that was being filmed from my kayak camp last summer should be released some time next month in April if its on time. I'll have to talk to the film guy soon but I will let you know again soon. I am sure it will be really neat.
Till I write again....

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Chris Ulvin said...

Hi Nick,
Life is interesting - I meet every Tuesday night with people trying to lose weight! We do have things in common with you though - We first eat healthy - God created the earth and everything on it before He created man. We were designed to eat foods the way God made them - fresh and out of the ground - not processed and designed for long shelf life. Second - we exercise. Of most importance - we give God praise and invite Him to be part of our healthy weight journey. May God be part of all things you do. Love, aunt Chris