Friday, February 6, 2009


Nick here....

Just wanted to inform everyone that I am doing well in my training. As of Wednesday I swam 900 meters so I was pretty excited about that. And yesterday was the hardest spin class that I have had yet. (I thought I was going to be sick!)

Ha thats about it though. Shortest blog entry ever I think. Oh well. I will write again soon.



Anonymous said...

It is such a pleasure to read your blog talking about "training" instead of hospital stays!! You've come such a long way and I'm sure you will continue to excel in everything you do. Know that our prayers and love & light continue on a daily basis for a wonderful life for you. You are a real "cowboy" and I'm very lucky to know you. With Love - F.G. Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Hi Nick,
When you are swimming 900 metes and spinning until you are sick - there isn't much time left to write. Thanks for keeping us up to date - can't wait to see some pictures. Love, aunt Chris