Thursday, December 23, 2010

All I wish for Christmas is ...

... a drain.

Yesterday, Nick was scheduled for another paracentisis to drain off more fluid in his tummy. But he thought maybe he was doing pretty good and asked our nurse, Katie, to cancel the appointment. Last night he decided he was wrong.

This morning, because there were no appointments available, he realized he was in for another fun-filled visit to the ER. As he wrestled with his bed for a couple of hours, our nurse Katie was able to schedule a "procedure" for Nick to get a drain put directly into his abdomen, based on Dr. Gouw's recommendation (I think...) We knew this might be a possibility if the fluid continued to come back at such a fast rate. By the time we got to Huntsman (no ER - hooray!), Nick was more than ready to have the drain put in; extremely uncomfortable and waddled like a 9-month pregnant woman. We got home 6 hours later, drain in place, Nick feeling much lighter and happy that he finally had room to eat. He told his nurse, "I'm going to be feeling so GOOD for Christmas now!"

We also got a surprise email today - it reads:

"Hi Lori,

Congratulations, your nomination for the Les Schwab "Do the Right Thing" contest, Nick Raitt, has been selected as the Grand Prize winner. We are going to make the announcement on-air next Thursday, December 30th during the taping of "Good Things Utah." We would love to have Nick present and any supporters who would like to join him. Nick is an amazing young man, a role model to other cancer patients and a perfect example of "doing the right thing."

Please e-mail or call me at your earliest convenience and again congratulations to Nick. I hope he is doing well.


Barbara Syphus
Account Executive/KTVX - ABC4"

So, all those that would like to join us on the 30th, please email and let me know! ( l I didn't even realize there was still a contest on for the "Grand Prize" and I forgot to ask even what the prize is... ABC has also asked for some WACKY pictures to air on TV - it'll be a blast!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Thank you all so much for your continued support, love and prayers. Our entire family is very humbled and grateful.

With love,

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Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
Merry Christmas - may all the world feel GOOD! You can relate to how Mary felt riding a donkey, 9 months pregnant, no appointment. Winning the Grand Prize for "Do the Right Thing" sure seems like a shining star for many to see. May God continue to bless you as you share an attitude of hope, love and faith.
Love, aunt Chris