Monday, December 6, 2010

No news yet, but we have pictures!

Still waiting for biopsy results so I thought I'd update on our trip...

Wednesday was beautiful and we spent some time on the beach. My favorite part is walking behind Nick, Carly & Kelsey, observing how well they all get along. The three of them together, laughing and teasing, which carried over to the room they all shared, as giggles continued on through the night.

We did some shopping, went to movies, experimented with local dining and explored the facilities at the Marriott. We saved our energy for the much anticipated trip to Disneyland on Friday. Much to Carly's enormous disappointment, she caught a flu bug and Nick had complications from his procedure so we only lasted 5 hours at the park. We did manage to go on our favorite rides and view the spectacular Christmas decorations, with Carly and I wearing our Minnie Mouse ears the entire day. Nick and Carly were in their respective beds by 5:00 p.m. while Lee and I brought back chinese food for everyone. The giggles continued.

Saturday we took off to Las Vegas. While Nick & Carly continued to recouperate, Lee and I took Kelsey to the Stratosphere as she boasted to have nerves of steel, stating the "Big Shot" wasn't going to be that big of a deal. So she and Lee took off while I nervously stayed on the observation deck, hugging the inner wall and turning green watching the ride where people dangle precariously over the edge to the right of me and people (idiots, perhaps?) jumping off a controlled free fall platform to the left of me. Lee & Kelsey came back in, Lee grinning ear to ear and Kelsey walked with wobbly legs, breathlessly telling me about how the camera on their side wasn't working, but they offered her to go again for free (no lines); she declined. She wobbled for the next few hours.

We met up with fairy godmother, Jennie and her husband, Dean - and James, Elizabeth, Melissa and George for an outside dinner at Mon Ami - right across the street from the Bellagio so the kids could see the water show throughout dinner. Delightful! We excused Nick to exercise his poker skills while Lee and I walked the girls across the street to see the lobby and gardens at the Bellagio. The decorations were spectacular!
Lee flew home early Sunday to catch his flight to Chicago. Nick stayed as he is going to the rodeo on Monday and the girls and I headed home with a pit stop in Cedar City to visit some family. Turns out Lee's flight was delayed 4 hours due to fog but he made it. Nick will be coming home tomorrow; Carly is back at school scrambling to study for finals next week and Kelsey is back catching up on her homework, with volleyball starting this week. Ahhhhh, normalcy!
Love Lori


Chris Ulvin said...

Good Morning Lori and family,
I'm thankful Nick was able to join his sisters in California - may the giggles continue through Christmas and "beyond" as Buzz Light Year and Nick would profess.
Love, aunt Chris

sdigerolamo said...

I love the pictures!!! It made me so homesick! I lived for years alone in CA, and met my husband, got married and had Desi all in Las Vegas! So you brought back fond memories of the "before cancer" days. Thank you. The kids look great!
Sarah (vinny's mom)