Friday, December 31, 2010

...and a happy new year!

Christmas was pure magic! We all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner at home, played card games through the night and was serenaded by Carly on her guitar and Kelsey with vocals. It took nagging of super-human strength for Kelsey & Carly to get Nick out of bed Christmas morning, but once up, the morning was terrific.

It has been a rough week for Nick - he hasn't felt too well but only had to drain his tummy once since Christmas Eve. Looks like the chemo is kicking in. His counts were near zero on Monday, 27th. Both Lee and I caught monster colds and how Nick didn't catch it is miraculous. Grandma & Grandpa arrived on Wednesday ready to help us ring in the new year. Aunt Chris & Uncle Stan (with cousins Jessica & Kris) zipped in for a super quick visit, too.

On Thursday, 30th, twenty of us WACKY warriors arrived at ABC's studio to support Nick's win of the Les Schwab, "Do the Right Thing" grand prize award. I had told Nick I didn't think he was going to be on tv, other than when they pan the studio audience, but I was wrong - way wrong. Mortified, Nick was quickly set up with a microphone and promptly placed next to the show's hosts for a live interview with a representative of Les Schwab. Afterwards, he glared at me, swearing I set him up and moaned, "I would've worn my Penguins hat, a different shirt and...." The highlight of the event was when Les Schwab went above and beyond the gift of the grand prize (a $1,000 gift certificate towards tires at Les Schwab) but a surprise donation to Nick's foundation with a check for $2,500!!!!!! Wow! Very, very cool! Here is the link if you would like to watch the clip of Nick:

Please remember a prayer for two very special Rhabdo Angels. Allen Bowman passed away on Tuesday - and Aiden Binkley - Also, I'm following two particularly cute little ones that could also use some support - Vinny DiGerolamo - and Jordan Gourley - We are all in this together and thanks to Les Schwab, we will help make a difference in the future of children and young adults with cancer.

Nick is on the mend and will have the next 10 days to enjoy before chemo starts again on the 10th. Blessings to all for a healthy and happy new year. Thank you for your continued support, prayers and warm wishes!

With love,



Obsessedwithlife said...

Happy New Year to Nick and family!!

Laurel said...

Sorry I missed the live ABC 4 TV but I caught the tape. Great job Nick, you and Wacky Warriors are worthy. Enjoy the rest of holidays I will see you next year!!! 1SG Brad Wilkinson and Laurel

Chris Ulvin said...

Happy New Year Nick and WACKY Warriors
May God bless you all as you continue to "Do The Right Thing" in 2011.
Love, aunt Chris

Anonymous said...

Watched you on the tube Nick. You were awesome - nothing like having to "jump in feet first" eh!! Wish I could have been there. Great work too Lori with the photos of Wacky that ABC put up on the screen. Very well done all around.
See you soon - GM Jennie xx

Beci said...

CONGRATS Nick & The Wacky Warriors ~ I find it amazing that you have been able to accomplish everything you have and your continuation to "Do The Right Thing" through all the obstacles you have been presented. My love & Prayers are with all of you and will continue to be throughout the year to come! May it be filled with love, light & Miracles!! Namaste, Beci :)

Lisa Goldstein said...

Hi Raitt Family -- We are sending you are warmest wishes for a HEALTHY and Happy 20111. "Nickname" as he is affectionately called around us is a very special part of the FD family. Gotta go watch him on TV -- and make sure to tell him Lets Go Caps from Stepmom. Much love, your FD Family

Jay Paterson said...

Hey Skinny,
Haapy New Year!!
Great Video!!! you did an incredible job representing yourself, and all of the Wacky Warriors! You ARE a fighter! However, it looks like you could use a little more leftovers, some spuds and some stuffing too. How are you gonna keep you boat down in the water when you weigh less than the paddle?
Nick, it goes without saying that everyone, and I mean everyone, is extremely proud of you....but I'll say it anyhow. Proud of you!
Special hellos from Rachel, Luke Gavin and Anne.

Rebekah said...

Happy New Year Nick!! Your FD family is behind you.

Rebekah / Remix