Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new complication

Monday night, Nick was having significant pain in his back and left shoulder, affecting his left arm, whenever he took a deep a breath or moved in certain positions. Yesterday morning, I sent an email to Nurse Katie letting her know, in case Dr. Gouw wanted to see Nick when we came in for labs. She made arrangements to have Nick seen in Urgent Care instead. Dr. Dunson was great and really took his time, being very thorough. His blood pressure was very low and he was light headed so they juiced him up with a liter of fluids to help with his dehydration. Dr. Dunson thought the back pain was due to the drain tube, which has a tendency to wind itself up behind the diaphragm. However, the pain in the shoulder was confusing, indicative of a blood clot. They do not want to take the drain out as they expect the ascites to return so a CTA (ct scan with angiography) was ordered to check out his blood vessels. Due to his being allergic to ct contrast, scan was ordered for today at 10:00 a.m. and he could get premedicated 13 hours prior.

Sure enough, a blood clot was found in his lower left lung, about in the middle of his two painful areas. He was admitted to our long lost second home on the fourth floor. He will have two blood thinning shots a day in his tummy to ward off any further clots, which could be life threatening. Not sure where the clot came from but apparently this is common with cancer patients. He should only be in hospital for a couple of days. Bad news is that because his cancer is active, he will be on blood thinner shots (Lovanox) while he is on treatment. He will learn to give them to himself by the time he is checked out. He isn't happy about this, the shots sting pretty badly and he will need two a day for awhile.

Another learning opportunity. The nice part is that Dr. Dunson and his nurses were fantastic, very personable and caring. Also we have seen some familiar faces here on the fourth floor, all who care for Nick personally, too.

Lee, Grandma and Grandpa all left this morning before the scan. Carly started school today back in Orem. Todd (Nick's dad) will spend the night with him tonight. Kelsey and I will bring dinner and all his usual overnight stuff - favorite blanket, computer, toothbrush... Nick's cell phone doesn't have reception but the direct line to his room is 801-587-4521. He is pain free but very fatigued; his heart rate is 130. He's bummin that he is feeling so crappy during his "good week".

Stinking cancer...



Anonymous said...

Hi Lori and Nick
I heard this "stinking" news when I called uncle Willy to wish him a Happy Birthday. Nick - you are sure getting the complete cancer experience. May your will and spirit be strengthened with each shot you give yourself, may your body continue to win each side effect battle, may miracle healing be the "good" news you tell for years to come.
Prayers continue.
Love, aunt Chris

Jay Paterson said...

Hiya Skinny,
Stinking Cancer indeed.
Hey, I do not know if you were able to catch the World Junior Hockey Championship last night..., Cannad vs Russia. Canada built up an early 3-0 lead in the ifrst period, and forgot to close out the deal.
The Russian kids kept on fighting like madmen, scoring 5 beautiful,
unanswered goals to win a well-deserved gold medal.
Nick, I know you are a fighter, and I know you love hockey, so here's a wish from me to you. Fight like the Russians, hopefully you'll win the Gold.
Lotsa Love from Up North.

Lorin Decker Buck said...

David learned to give himself his Neulasta shots. I'm still not sure how he did it -- they stung, too -- but he did. And Nick will figure out how to do it, too.

I'm so sorry Nick's having these painful complications. Thank goodness there are effective treatments for them.

Thinking of you all and sending strength.