Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy 22nd Birthday, Nick!!!!!

Today is a great day!

Last week, Nick sailed through the rest of his treatment with his blood pressure and pulse maintaining a "picture of perfect health", says Nick. He celebrated his final day of treatment (for this round, anyway) on Friday by attending the Kevin Hart performance (he is a comedian) with Kelsey, his friend from Huntsman. Other than getting his car locked in the parking garage ("what sign?), they had a fantastic time.

Saturday was the postponed Brower family holiday party; there is something about being surrounded by children that brings a smile to every one's face, especially Nick. His fatigue started to really kick in yesterday, but didn't stop him from wearing his new cowboy boots his dad bought him for his birthday.

I suspect tonight will be a low-key birthday celebration as his appetite and energy have disappeared. But you know Nick - he has a trip planned for Vegas before he starts his next round in a couple of weeks. We are crossing our fingers that his counts don't drop too low, especially his platelets, which could be worrisome now that he is on blood thinner shots.

Happy birthday, Nick - the last year was memorable in so many ways. You are an amazing young man and we are all very proud of you!

Love Mom

PS: I'm very grateful for a few inspiring people who have touched the lives of some special children. Please visit the websites for their stories:
Mark Sanchez obviously had an angel on his shoulders on Sunday! Go Jets! (yes, spoken from a heartbroken Seahawks fan)
Visit journal posting dated 1/12/11
Nick thought this little one was a lucky duck!

You may have to sign in as a guest on the CaringBridge and CarePages sites but worth the effort to read the postings. People really do make a difference!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKNAME! So now you're 22 maybe you won't get asked for your ID when you go to Vegas! So glad you're feeling good after this last round of chemo. Way to go.... Enjoy your day.
Today is a great day - you are a great man - you're family is great - your friendship is great.
Love Ya - GM Jennie xx

Peter said...

Happy Birthday from,you may not know me very well, a caring and very touched friend of you and your mom.
It is always inspirational to read you and your mom's posts. Please know that we are with you in spirit although we don't get to see you often.
Hope you had a wonderful birthday...

sdigerolamo said...

Happy Birthday to Nick!!!!! Congratulations!!! I hope it is the BEST year ever. I wish you only healing, health, great reports and happiness this year!
Sarah (Vinny's Mom)

Chris Ulvin said...

Ditto Lori,
May God bless Nick in year 22 with love of family, friends, life; with joy of health, knowledge, wellbeing; with peace of spirit, faith, self. Amen.
Love, aunt Chris