Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kind of quiet...

This week and last have been quiet - nice! Nick is either snuggled up in his bed reading the "Hunger Games" trilogy or out the door to Wendover with the guys, Logan with the girls and now in Vegas with his dad. His blood counts remained good and he tried to drain more of his tummy, but 1/2 liter - so chemo is still working.

Next week he starts another round, but we are having trouble getting one of the chemo treatments approved. Conversations went as follows: "It's approved and will be mailed today"... "Oops, we have to get pre-authorization first"... "Denied." Insurance has denied the pill form for out-patient but will approve it for in-patient, through an iv. Cost saving at it's finest hour. Our master of cutting through the red tape nurse, Katie, is on the warpath (in a nice way, of course). She is creative so we'll see what happens.

We got a new scanner at home and I've been going through old photo albums and can't help but post these pictures of Nick - they make me smile.

I'll update more next week. Thanks for checking in...



Anonymous said...

Wow! Those photos take me back in time. Good luck with the "stupid" insurance... I'm sure Katie will get it sorted. Sending out positive vibes that all will work out just fine & dandy. It must be an absolute pleasure going through the old photos. Were the kids really that small at one time!!
Hey Nick - hope Vegas is being good to you :) With love & light as always GM Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Happy Mornings Lori,
Thanks for posting pictures of Nick and Carly. It is very hopeful to see how their happy human spirit has been present from the beginning. May their love for each other go into overdrive this coming week. May God secure the right chemo through Katie's serving spirit and eradicate Nick's cancer . Go Superman Nick and sidekick Easter Bunny Carly.
Love, aunt Chris