Thursday, January 6, 2011


What a crazy 27 hours! Last night, the floor oncologist said Nick would be hooked up to a heart monitor to keep an eye on his heart rate. He also said they would be scanning his legs for more clots, possibly having another "procedure" placing a screen/filter in his legs to stop any clots from passing. I was gone during this conversation.

But by this morning, the heart monitor was never brought in and the scan on his legs was canceled. However, they did schedule an echo for his heart as two different lab result levels came back as high, possibly indicative of heart damage/stress. "I'm sorry, what?" No worries, echo came back just fine and levels were adjusting nicely. We're thinking Nick's heart was busy beating the crap out of the clot, swearing it to never return.

After informing Nick of the complications that he may encounter with the blood thinner (too disgusting to post here), Nick was released by 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, armed with 50 Lovonox injections to continue with on at home, twice a day.

Short stay but he still had quite a few guests stopping by to visit. He is feeling pretty good, eating well and looking forward to watching season two of "The OC" with his best girlfriends tonight.

Thanks, everyone - your prayers kicked in once again and Nick survived a potentially dangerous medical situation. We are all blessed beyond measure and are very humbled.

With love,

Lori & Nick


Monkks said...

I am sorry I have not commented on your recent set back with this cancer. I have been so bad wallowing in my own issues that I shut out things that would make me upset. Can you imagine me upset, how selfish.

I am praying with all my heart for you to beat this... You are an amazing person and one hell of a tough young man. I am thankful that you share your story and continue to live life the only way you know how and they way we all should moment to moment with no worry for tomorrow as it is not here yet and how can we worry about something that is not here yet...

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you guys.
Michelle Fuentes

Chris Ulvin said...

Dearest Nick and family
I'm glad you're home and feeling OK. I had to pause for a moment and give God thanks that "Yes, prayers have been answered!" Even though I didn't know to pray against blood clots and heart damage. I will pray against disgusting complications. I'm here in Texas learning about all your ancestors from your great aunt Sergia. You come from Mayflower passenger, Declaration of Independence signer, Union Army soldiers, and hard working farmers. Give yourself those shots each day and know you're stronger than anything cancer can do to you. Looks like your heart already proved that with those blood clots. Godspeed.
Love, aunt Chris

sdigerolamo said...

Dear Lori and Nick,
I am sorry about the heart scare.. I am glad it is okay! Sorry, also, about the blood thinner shots. I suppose he will adjust though. I am glad you are home and hope you have no more excitement!
I am thinking of you and always praying for things to improve.
Sarah (vinny's Mom)