Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good Things Utah

I received the following email yesterday:

"Hi Lori,

I am pleased to let you know that Nick Raitt is the monthly winner of the Les Schwab "Do the Right Thing" Award. The courage he demonstated when facing adveristy was extremely inspirational. We will anounce his name and tell his story on "Good Things Utah" this Friday, Aug. 27th. If he would like to be in the studio audience please respond back by e-mail or phone and I can help you make the necessary arrangements.


I'm currently gathering names of those that would like to join us at the studio tomorrow morning and watch the show live while they announce his name. Email me if you'd like to go - Nick, however, will not attend, claiming he would be extremely uncomfortable with a studio filled with older women. Chicken.

We are loving to have something fun to do while we wait - scans at 1:30 today with results to be discussed on Monday (of course, I will get a copy of the report before the ink even dries late this afternoon or tomorrow morning. It's just trying to figure out what it all means that stumps me).

More later,

Love Lori


Anonymous said...

Hey Nick - what's wrong with "older women"??????
From: Older Woman GM Jennie!

Lorin Decker Buck said...

Congratulations, Nick! That's awesome!

What did the report say today? Been thinking about you guys.