Saturday, August 28, 2010

We had fun...

We met up at the studios, met the producer then were escorted to the "studio audience" portion of the set. As you can see by the picture, we WERE the studio audience.
Back row: Deanna, Terri, Jennie, Chris & Jamie
Front row: Lori, Nick, Makelle, Kelli & Alane
The "Good Things Utah" hostesses chatted live for a few minutes and then read a bit about Nick and his accomplishments with Nick's Warriors. He officially won the Les Schwab "Do The Right Thing" award for August and was handed a gift box loaded with goodies. We giggled as the rest of show went on to demonstrate how to make home-made gnocci, sew an apron using ruffles and watched as they introduced a new product - soda pop you can make at home.
We took pictures, giggled some more and off we went to California Pizza for a fun lunch. The highlight was Kelli, who took pictures of everything in the studio - totally in awe. Thanks to all the ladies, young and old, who went -

On a more serious note, I did get a copy of Nick's scans. The tumor in his lower left abdomen is significant; the rest of the information could either mean, "oh, crap" or "hmm, not as bad as we thought". Nick just looked at it and said, "Ah, I'll worry about this on Monday." My kinda guy.

Have a terrific weekend and we'll post soon.

With love,



Stephanie Thornley said...

I love the blog! Really of come to appreciate and love Nick's attitude.

Matt Thornley

Karma & Adam said...

Great photos! Thinking of you today.