Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We wait... and we live...

It's a strange time when waiting for this upcoming scan. No point in "bringing tomorrow's clouds over to today" as Lee likes to say, so we salvage the everyday gifts. Kelsey started school on Monday, while immersing herself in volleyball and softball practices. Carly moved down to Provo and her first class is today at Utah Valley University. We go through the motions at the office and at home, as Nick - aka Goldilocks - decided our bed is the comfiest in the house, watched Lonesome Dove.

Then Rob, Shaylynn and Trent came by last night and coaxed Nick out on the basketball court. Lee and I finally went to bed at 10:30 p.m. and as we listened to the sounds of laughter, the bouncing basketball, the hoop snapping back upright and the banter between buddies, tears streamed onto my pillow. So thankful for this everyday gift, found right in our own backyard.

Scan is tomorrow; meeting with doctors Monday at 9:30 a.m. Until then, thank you all for your words of encouragement, your warm thoughts and prayers and genuine support.


PS: My favorite quote (I've posted this before) is:

"Worry doesn't empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength", Corrie ten Boom


Anonymous said...

Tears are streaming as I write this. We're calling on all our angels to be with you today, tomorrow and every day. You guys are surrounded by so much love and support. I'll always be by your side. Love & light - GM Jennie xx

Nick Raitt said...

Dear Nick, Happy August 25th - 2010. Over three years since this posting. I ordered you a St. Peter medallion last night and it should arrive at your Layton doorstep in a week. It says "Pray for Us" - I'm praying for a 'Three-peat" miracle for Mr. Nicholas William Raitt. St. Peter is the saint of long life. That is my second prayer for you. My third prayer comes from 1 Samuel 3:9 "Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening". I pray that you, your family, your doctors, your friends have listening ears for God and trust in His perfect plan for you. Love, aunt Chris

sdigerolamo said...

I am hoping and praying for good scans tomorrow. Keep your chin up. We will be waiting to hear your results on Monday!!
Best Wishes,

Annmarie Campus said...

Sending positive vibes from Chi-town and hoping things work out ans you kick bitt again!

Lorin Decker Buck said...

I'm sorry you have to wait until Monday to sit down with the doctors. Whoever thought weekends were a good idea?!? The waiting can be so agonizing. I'm praying that today's PET goes smoothly and that when the docs see the results, they'll immediately come up with the perfect treatment plan. As long as there are options, there is hope. xoxoxo