Friday, August 20, 2010

PET Scheduled

There have been some questions about Nick's insurance. I'll try to explain - Nick was dropped by his dad's insurance because he wasn't a full-time student. He wasn't a full-time student because he has cancer. He subsequently went on Medicaid. In the meantime, there was a law passed, "Michelle's Law" that says you can't drop insurance on college kids if they are sick, effective 1/1/10. In the meantime, Medicaid declined getting a PET on Nick because they only authorize for initial diagnosis. Since he has relapsed, we have gone back to Medicaid asking them to approve for relapse staging purposes. In the meantime, part two, Nick's dad is able to get Nick back on his insurance effective the first day of college - Aug 23rd, since Nick was/is a full-time student since January of this year. In the meantime, part three, I gave Huntsman my credit card, saying, "Get the damned PET scheduled now and we'll argue with insurance later!" FYI - PET scan cost about $4,800.

Today's phone calls received today are as follows: 1) giving my credit card info; call #2) PET scheduled for Thurs, Aug 26th at 1:30 p.m.; call #3) Medicaid approved PET. Credit card info rescinded. Now was that really so hard?

So, PET on 26th and presentation to tumor board on 30th and meeting with doctors immediately following to determine treatment.

A few stories: Nick, Carly, Kelsey and I watched "Babies" - the documentary and once we got past the naked breasts with Nick and Carly's groans of embarassment, the movie was quite cute - just what we needed. Another story is when Nick and I were in the waiting room, still reeling from the news of relapse waiting to meet with the surgeon, there was a woman sitting near us reading a book, "A Hint of Witchcraft". Kind of a creepy book to read in the hospital, so I nudged Nick to take a peek and he said, "Hey, I'm in... I'll even hold the chicken!" Next, Nick and his friend Makelle decided to dye his hair - ah, the things that crack us up...

Finally, I had submitted an article for a local television show, "Good Things Utah" about people we know that do the right thing. This was about 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard a peep from the producers. Yesterday, I received an email from a friend saying something about watching Nick's story on Good Things Utah!!! I immediately sent an email that it might have been worth mentioning to me... and trying to get a link of the show so we can post it. Whatdya know..

All is well for now - I pick up Lee from the airport tonight and will have my balance back. Until the 30th, please keep the prayers coming!

With love,



Dr. Carol R. Cole said...

I think of you guys often and hold you in my prayers. I am especially tuned in to your journey as my dad is in his journey with liver cancer. Your commitment to be totally in the process encourages me and inspires me. Know that my heart is with you.
Carol Cole

Makelle said...

I decided that the hair dying ritual we have before chemo has brought us good luck in the past so it was necessary. However, it was totally Nick's idea!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I like the hair!!! I'm sure nerve endings are standing to full attention this week awaiting Thursdays PET scan and upcoming doctors appointment. Any diversions we can throw your way let us know. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, movie?? As always, positiveness, healing, strength and love are coming your way! Love you GM Jennie

Anonymous said...

Praying with my whole heart!