Sunday, January 6, 2008

and still waiting....

After Dr. Wexler reviewed PET scan, he asked for another MRI. We were able to get that scheduled last Wed and sent to NY & Boston via Fed X on Thursday. As of last Friday, Dr. Wexler (NY) said that he has had lengthy discussions with Dr. Chen (SLC) and both agree on surgery but he and his surgical team still need to review the MRI for final opinion. He will not be able to discuss until Wednesday, Jan 9th.

Dr. Albritton & Dr. Grier (Boston) were to have held a conference call with us last Friday afternoon. Call was cancelled at the last minute due to an emergency. Unfortunately, Dr. Grier will not be available at all next week and Dr. Albritton requires his input on MRI review before giving their final opinion (she may be able to communicate with him via phone).

As far as I can tell, the MRI report states there is NO new tumor growth, but probable post-surgical inflamation from surgery done in September (which would also cause his PET to have readings of 5.2). So the healthy rhabdo cells still there are just biding their time for now.

So, not a thing we can do right now but enjoy the snow, the break from chemo (Nick is getting hair again), and the food (he's continuing to gain weight).

Hopefully by end of next week, we'll know what we are going to do. Thanks for checking in.



Anonymous said...

Whew! Quite the jet setters you guys have been the past couple of weeks! I'm glad you got to have all the meetings with the big rhabdo guys. Must be tough with the varying opinions. Hopefully, in another week, they'll have consenous. Your posts are all so upbeat. Good job keeping the positive attitude! I imagine somewhere in there is the real anguish and heartache. I'm worrying here for you and sending prayers!

Paula, Nolan's mom

Chris Ulvin said...

Happy Monday Lori and Nick,
I so appreciate being able to visit this blogspot and learn what is happening in your circle of life. This day and week begins with hope as you are "being still" and waiting "without fear". Psalm 46 came to mind as I read today's post. Love, aunt Chris