Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Bummer

So starting last night I have been running a little fever, and later this afternoon it was 101.6 so I had to come back into the hospital. UGHHH!!! I am sick of the hospital. Right now they are running tests and giving me anti-biotics to keep my fever down. My counts are in the gutter so hopefully they bounce back within a couple of days.
My mom had to stop at her office on the way to the hospital to pick up her computer. At the office, a friend of my Mom and Lee's was visiting from Hawaii and I had the privilege of meeting him (Albert Perkins). He is a very kind and thoughtful man. His daughter (Isis, age 3) was the one who sent me a Hawaiin lei several months ago to wish me well. On this visit, Albert had brought me a beautiful ukulele. He and his daughter play and sing in local hospitals to cheer up the patients and give support. His daughter wanted to give me her ukulele but Albert decided to give me my very own. It is an awesome gift and I wanted to thank Albert so much for the gift.
Alright well I am now going to challenge my Mom in a competitive game of gin, and then I will try to get some shut-eye for the night. I will post again probably tomorrow.
Thanks everyone!



jennie said...

Glad to hear your temperatures coming down - are you driving everyone mad up there playing your ukulele?? What an awesome gift. You do know some very nice people Nick (good friends are always a reflection of yourself). Hang in, don't allow yourself to be too bummed out, you'll be home soon and feeling lots better. Sending you healing, healing and more healing. Love - Jennie xx

Chris Ulvin said...

Happy Monday Nick,
How about learning your favorite Bob Marley tune "Three Little Birds" on your ukulele? You and Amy singing it at the Raitt/Jasa family reunion in Omaha would be a HIT! Maybe Lee could do a recording of you singing it and then Uncle Stan could auction the CD's. One thing for sure, we are all going to be singing when your doctors say "Cancer Free". May God heal and bless you today. Love, aunt Chris