Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Nick!

He did it! Nick is 19 years old today! I'm sure he'll want to post tomorrow with details. We have a few plans for today, but it will be a challenge not having a birthday cake (no sugar); a meat pie, perhaps? I'm obviously filled with many emotions today - it's all wonderful!

We met with our SLC surgeon yesterday as we thought it was respectful to explain in person why we chose the treatment plan we did. We hadn't talked to him since before we cancelled the surgery. He was in some agreement; he doesn't feel the extreme surgery is necessary (NY docs), but does feel there is very probably cancer in the nodule (original tumor site) and in the back of his jaw bone towards his ear. We agreed to monitor the scans in 6 weeks very, very carefully. He really is a great guy and I'm glad we met.

Today is a great day!

With love,



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akparamedic said...

Nick, Happy Birthday!!!

Your present from me today is that I am not going to write another boring letter or posting. We're thinking of you, so you better have a great time!

Kurt, Kristi, Colt, and Kati

the Traudt's said...

Happy birthday! We hope you had a wonderful day! We have been thinking and praying about you. I am sorry that I have not kept up with the posting recently but am now all caught up and will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers..
Lori, Shawn, Ashley and Ryan

Chris Ulvin said...

Happy Birthday Nick,
Today my daily devotional Bible quoted Matthew 12:35 "Good people have good things in their hearts." That fits you to a tee!!
Love aunt Chris