Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sky Diving

So for my birthday my Mom and Lee suprised me by taking me to iFly at the Solomen Center in Ogden. It is a wind tunnel that simmulates sky diving. My sisters, girlfriend, and Mom and Lee all got to do it as well and it was a blast. I went back and did it by myself the next 2 days because I am addicted. I want to do the real thing now as soon as spring hits.
The funnest thing about doing it with family is you see the expression on their faces as the wind is rushing past them at about 85 mph. Everyones (especially my sister Carly) cheeks would flop around like they would if you stuck your head out of your car windown at that speed. Out of all of us, my youngest sister Kelsey who is 12, was the best for her first time. But now that I have gone by myself twice after, I am able to do some spins and controll myself without the instructor spotting me.
After our time was up, one of the instructors did some stunts in the wind tunnel which was amazing. Its hard for me to describe but he was doing nose dives and spins like you couldn't believe.
After the iFly experience, we went to the Timbermine and had some good steaks which hopefully put a few more pounds on me. I am at least 145 now. HURRAY
The day before my birthday I went out with all the guys and Savanna to the Hooters in Midvale where we told funny stories and ate wings all night. Because it was my birthday the Hooter's Girls make you spin a Hoola-Hoop while they sing to you. Then they cover you in "I Heart Hooters" stickers. It was great!
So I will start my 10th round of chemo tomorrow (UGHHHH!) and will be in for 5 days as usuall. Im so bummed, especially since my hair has grown back somewhat and I am beginning to look good again. I just cant wait till they day I am done and I can play some hockey and wakeboard again. IT WILL COME!
Lastly, I have some very unfortunate news. My friend Harrison Matthews, which I met in the hospital passed away on the 16th of this month. He was a good kid and I wish I could have had the time to get to know him more. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and girlfriend Katie.

Thanks everyone for all that you do. You keep me going! -Nick

p.s. Here are the pics from iFly


Obsessedwithlife said...

How fun is that!?! Now, I want to do that...wonder if they have that where I live-I'm going to investigate! I don't really want to skydive for real (bad knees, etc) but that sounds awesome.

I'm happy you are getting some fun stuff in before the not-so-great stuff starts again. I always try/tried to do that too!

PS-I like the mohawk!

Chris Ulvin said...

Happy Sunday Nick,
You have a new cousin - JJ Davis - he was born at 12:09AM today - Sunday January 20th. When you come to visit him, we have a SkyDiving Operation at Mojave Airport - or Mojave Spaceport as Burt Rutan likes to call it. Your dad called today and shared the news about Harrison - sorrow was my first emotion then worry for a friend who is currently battling leukemia and lastly faith that God answers all prayers. The joy you experienced in iFly is nothing compared to the promise you have in Jesus - for an eternity. Keep the faith. Love, aunt Chris

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a blast on your birthday - how fun! I did the real thing twice years and years ago in New Mexico and (being afraid of heights) it scared the pants off me! Pretty awesome though. When you feel like it let me know and we'll get you lined up with a tandem jump. NO - I won't jump with you!! Good luck this week at the Huntsman - see you in a day or two. Hang in there - Love Jennie x

The Traudt Family said...

Looks like a ton of fun skydiving. Sounds like a wonderful day. I know that Shawn would love to try it one day. There is a place like ifly place here in Colorado. Might be the closest thing he gets for a while. Prayers being said for you this week.
Lori and family