Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dav 4 (2nd Cycle)

Today, marked the 4th day of my 2nd cycle of chemo, and the 13th day of radiation. So far I haven't been sick once from the chemo and don't plan on it either. I do have a pretty sore mouth however, which is common because the skin inside your mouth dies because they are fast growing cells and that is what chemo kills. With the combination of a dead mouth, chapped lips, and frequent nose bleeds (side effect due to radiation), I must say it is hard to stay positive all the time but I know I have had it easy compared to others.
I have not had the same appetite I once had when I was on steroids, and now that I am off of them I have my normal eating schedule. I have lost 10 pounds in a week, which was a big shocker to me since my eating has been so good. The past two days I probably have not eaten as much as I should, but it is hard to eat food when everything tastes like "mush". I miss sweets the most, and often think about how good food used to taste and why I didn't eat more delicious foods before I started chemo.
I have had lots of surprise visitors lately which has been nice. Yesterday Denise stopped by with a balloon and another word book to challenge my brain. Thanks Denise! Then today Sergeant Sanchez and Specialist Harmon came in to see how I am doing. They are in charge of my monthly National Guard drills that I had before I was diagnosed with cancer. They are really good guys and I look up to them highly. I knew they were going to stop by and say hi while I was in the hospital but didn't know what day, and when they came into my room with their cool uniforms, I was delighted. They gave me some sweet National Guard hospital clothing that is camo and says National Guard on it. Everyone in the hospital comments on them and is envious. HA Sergeant Sanchez also gave me a really cool coin from the Sergeant Major of my unit. I don't know how rare it is to receive one of these but I thought it was really cool and was really honored to even have it given to me. Sergeant Sanchez and Specialist Harmon sat down and just talked with me for a while and told me they would love to have me back at drills as soon as I want, its just up to me when I feel like I can do stuff. I plan on going to the next weekend drill as long as my blood count is up and I am feeling good, so thats good news for me. I enjoy going to the weekend drills and training on stuff that I will learn about more in Basic Training.
They "Army" left as soon as Chris and Matt showed up, which was a big surprise to me. Chris is a mom of a friend of mine and she has always liked me since she met me. Every time I see her she says, "Nicky!", which is her choice of name, not mine, but it is still funny. It was nice talking to them about how good I have done with this whole thing, and they were pleased to hear it. Chris brought pictures which she had taken at her house, where I had dinner for the dance last Saturday. It had everyone in there costumes and with there dates.......... it was cool. Oh, and she also brought me a banana, which she said she didn't know why she just did. WHICH, happened to be good since my potassium count was a little low. Weird huh.
So I guess the main point of this blog is that I am so thankful for all the support and love that has been shown to me. I never would have thought so many people would give up their time, just to let me know their thinking of me and that I am in their prayers. I get letters everyday it seems from people I have never met, and they only have good things to say. It really has been nice knowing I have all this support......... THANKS
Oh.... and the guys are coming to visit tonight. They were here on Monday too and we played dice like always, and we will probably do it again tonight. I really have the best friends.


Chris Ulvin said...

So now its "Nicky"
The things one can learn on the internet! I'm glad your friends will keep you company tonight - "True friendships are glued together with bonds of loyalty and commitment. They remain intact despite changing external circumstances". Seems like that describes the relationship you have with your friends - May God bless and protect you all - Love, Aunt Chris

sanchezr said...

It was our pleasure to visit with you yesterday and to meet your mother. I want you to know that your attitude is outstanding. I came there yesterday wanting to show and give you support. I left with admiration of you and inspired myself. You are an outstanding young man and we look forward to having you back in our ranks. Our next drill is 9-10 Jun and then 14 Jul here in Ogden. Hope to see you there! Sincerely - Sergeant First Class Ray Sanchez

Mary Lou Raitt said...

Your Missouri relatives are praying for you! Sounds like you have lots of support, and that is so helpful, as is a positive attitude. Keep up the good work. Our Amy is at St. Judes in Memphis recovering from her bone marrow transplant. She is 19 now, and a real fighter, and we hope to have her back home mid-June.

Congrats on your graduation too!

Love from Uncle Daryll, Aunt Mary Lou & family

Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,

I am a California music friend of your dad's...a ten-year cancer have what it takes, thanks so much for sharing your journey...

Very sincerely,
Lynn M. Olson

Chris Ulvin said...

You've made it through a second cycle of chemo and blessed all who visited you - Sergeant Sanchez especially. The following bible verse comes to mind.
Jesus answered...."Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:22,24 God hears all prayers. The fact that Sergeant Sanchez leaves your hospital room feeling inspired tells me God is with you. I know the next few days hold the dreaded shot and expected pain. May our hearts be joined together in prayer for you to have no discomfort, abundant energy, and continued healing. See you at graduation. Jonathan will be saying TGIF on June 1st - his wedding day. Thanks be to God for all His blessings this past week. Love, Aunt Chris.

Anonymous said...

Oh Nicky!!!!! I tought you loved it when I call you Nicky! You didn't mention that I always say it in a high pitched shrill voice. But seriously we are always thinking about you and we keep you in our prayers!!!!!

Love ya, Kris