Sunday, May 6, 2007

Home at last!

Mom here...

We were finally released yesterday at 6:00 p.m. and stopped by Arby's for Nick's favorite milkshake on the way home. He slept great last night- actually, we all did! He feels pretty good, too.

He was missing the hospital so we went up again today for a shot - something to help rebuild his blood cells. Quickest visit there yet - there and back home in under an hour! We've loaded up on prescriptions and a home healthcare nurse came by to make sure we know how to keep his Hickman port nice and clean. Tomorrow we start the radiation routine - every weekday for the next 5 weeks and will have lab work done twice a week to check on his blood count. He is going to be vulnerable for the next 10 days or so - if you are wanting to come by and visit him, PLEASE make sure you are healthy - he can't afford to be exposed to any colds, flus or viruses right now.

Other than that, we are laughing a lot at YouTube videos of babies laughing or soccer flub-ups or clips from America's Funniest Videos. Thanks to everyone - he has been blessed with almost no reaction to the chemo - we couldn't have asked for a better response! Please keep the comments, instant messages, emails, cards, texts and personal visits up - it truly makes a difference!

With all of our deepest gratitude,
Love, Lori


Chris Ulvin said...

Dearest Nick
I know your dad shared this God-incident story already - but since Week #1 went better than anticipated and you had almost no reaction to the chemo other than the swelling in your eye going away - I just had to give thanks by testifying what God has done for us. Last Sunday Stan and I were in Paso Robles after attending a wedding for Mike Hiatt. It was important for me to find a church as you were on my heart and I knew Monday was when you were to have the port inserted and start chemo. The yellow pages weren't much help - so Stan and I jumped in the car and started driving through town. A cross was spotted on a distant roof top and Stan's navigational skills got us to the church on time. We entered Plymouth Congregational Church - a United Church of Christ serving Paso Robles since 1897. We sat towards the back and away from the aisle as not to take someone's regular seat or block anyone's view. As we looked around at the beautiful sanctuary - a stained glass window next to our pew got our attention - it was in memory of John A. Raitt.
I don't know if you are related to John A. - but for Stan and me it was confirmation from God that He knows your name - He hears your prayers - and He has and always will love you.
"I will thank you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done." Psalm 9:1
Stan and I were in our home church this morning - Pastor Don led the congregation in prayer asking for a miracle - your complete healing. That is my prayer everyday - Love, Aunt Chris

Craig Atkinson said...

Hey Nick,
I hope that you are feeling well. I'm sure that its nice to be home. Hopefully now that you're home you can catch some of the NHL and NBA playoff games. I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. You've always been a great friend and someone to look up to. You can call me anytime. My number is (801) 389-5118. I am here for you if you ever need anything.
Your friend, Craig Atkinson

Jana Rasmussen said...

Dear Nick,
I am so glad you have such a positive attitude during your war. I admire you for that! Also, I am very happy to hear that you are home and out of the hospital for a while...what a relief! I just wanted you to know that your cousins from Nebraska were thinking of and praying for you! :)
Love, Jana

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
We are all "dearest" in the eyes of our heavenly Father. I see now how much of a blessing it was back in May 6, 2007 that you had "almost no reaction to the chemo" while the cancer below your eye was being eradicated.
May God continue to protect and strengthen the good cells in you and direct your doctor's destroying efforts to all cancer cells - both known and unknown.
Nick, may you trust the Lord with all your heart. Our understanding is limited but His grace is all encompassing - yesterday, today, tomorrow.
Love, aunt Chris