Friday, May 11, 2007

Superman has found his kryptonite...

Mom here - Nick was finally released from the hospital Thursday afternoon with a new prescription for pain. It was confirmed the severe pain is due to the Neulasta shot he had on Sunday - it is to help rebuild blood cells. A small percentage of patients have the side effect of pain in the bones - the actual cells are called to regroup once his blood count dropped, and boy, did it drop on Wednesday. He is still feeling pretty sore and tired today so I thought I would update this blog so we are reminded just how well he has done in the past 10 days. Here are the pictures of his progress:

Day 1 - April 30th -

Day 2 - special visit from his fairy godmothers - they sang "You Are My Sunshine" and brought him tons of goodies (Nurse Mary borrowed them and they were requested to perform for 5 other patients - day ended with them in the lobby having their pictures taken with many Asian nurses.)

The boa is a present from Nurse Mary.

Day 3 - the pirate!

Day 4

Day 5 - the gang's all here!

Nick with his dad

Day 6 - round one is done!

Today, May 11th - doesn't his eye look great!


Jessica said...

Hi Nick,
Your eye looks great! So I wanted to share with you, a little over a week ago I got a fortune cookie that said "You will witness a miracle soon". Sounds silly, but after looking at the past weeks progress I know it was talking about you!
I'm glad you are keeping positive, you are such strong person and I know you are going to beat this! Love you and looking forward to seeing you in a month!

Your cousin,

Chris Ulvin said...

Happy Friday Nick
You're looking good!
Love, Aunt Chris

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,
Although we have never met Lee has shared your story and strength with me (and the rest of his coaching class). I wanted to let you know that my family and I are thinking of you and think the way you live your life is an inspiration to us all. We know that you will be through this difficult time in your life before you know it and will carry on continuing achieving amazing things. You are in our thoughts and will keep cheering for you.

Adam Herz

Nicelle said...

I love the hair!