Saturday, May 26, 2007

Two steps forward, one step back...

Mom typing here:

Nick had a good week and was released yesterday (Friday) after completing round 2 of chemo! Here are some highlights:

He wasn't feeling very well by the end of the week and went up to Liberty with his dad yesterday. His ability to eat has diminished to almost nothing due to the severity of the sores in his mouth and throat. The chemo seemed to effect him a bit more this time.

This morning, Nick was still feeling out of sorts and actually passed out in the bathroom in the morning. He was running a bit of a fever, too. His dad brought him back to the hospital so Nick could get his Neulasta shot in the morning. Because he still had a cough with a fever, he needed to have a chest x-ray to see if he had pneumonia. While standing for the x-ray, he passed out again for about 20 seconds and his blood pressure was way low. He was re-admitted to get him hydrated and stabilized. His labs were all normal with the exception of concern with his coagulation (blood clots) levels - they were high. This prompted a shot in his stomach to alleviate any clotting and a CT scan (which also came back normal).

It seems the drop in steroid dosage from Friday to Saturday may have affected his blood pressure. We just got confirmation that he has a touch of pneumonia and will have to be on some iv antibiotics to knock it out before his blood levels drop. Good news is there are not any blood clots in his lungs. He may be in here for another day or two. I'm actually glad we are here so they can watch him carefully with his breathing and temperature. We are still trying to find something for him to eat as he can barely swallow water today.

Graduation is only 4 days away so we're focused on recovery! He's still smiling...


Chris Ulvin said...

Happy Memorial Day Nick
We just got back from a weekend in San Luis Obispo - had fun - but seeing your smiling face in person on Thursday is going to be greater fun. I agree with your mom - it is comforting to your California family knowing you are under the watchful eye of nurses as you recover from the side effects of chemo. May God graciously keep you this night. May the morning bring renewed strength and quick healing. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Nicky! Do you need another bananna? I would be happy to bring you one. I hope you are doing good. 3 days to graduation, come on buddy you can do it!!!

Love ya, Kris

pat gillespie said...


I am a student in your fathers Strategic Coach class and he informed us of your challenge. Just want to let you know that I keep you in my prayers daily.

Keep up the GREAT attitude!!!!!

Pat Gillespie
East Lansing, Michigan

Chris Ulvin said...

Good Morning Lori,
Prayers and love from Balboa Island - Stan and I are here visiting Uncle Bob and Aunt Lucile - wishing Nick a healing Labor Day 2010. We look forward to extending our love in person next weekend at the Softball Tournament. I imagine what makes today so difficult is you've been here so many times before - as "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back" explains.
May God continue to graciously keep Nick and his family through all nights. May a multitude of mornings bring renewed strength and complete healing to Nick.

Love, aunt Chris