Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rounding the corner

Mom here...

Nick appears to have weathered his bout of pneumonia and stabilized his blood pressure. He was released from the hospital yesterday around noon with promises to drink what he can. He'll begin home iv for hydration this afternoon just to make sure he is getting enough fluids. His mouth and nose are a mess, with both bleeding off and on. We are going to try some other antibiotics to help. His white cell blood count was .9 yesterday so we are being extra careful with germs. Poor Kelsey has a fever and has been quarantined and she is feeling a little abandoned. Grandma and Grandpa arrived yesterday so they help spend some time with her.

On the bright side, he actually drank a "Boost" drink yesterday, some Gatorade and water. His temp has remained normal and he has had NO PAIN due to the Neulasta shot so far, which is terrific. And as always, he is still smiling and watched both the Jazz and Ducks playoff games last night.

We're going to make this a great week! We're off to radiation this morning and new labs drawn; I fully expect his count to be on the way up. Thanks for the support and we'll update again soon.

With much love,



Jay Paterson said...

Hey Nick,
You may be really happy the Ducks won last night.
I guess they outplayed Ottawa every step of the way, and really poured it on at the end of the third period. Even Ottawa's Coach was happy they got out of the first period without really getting cleaned.
Now I've got to tell you, I'm a born and raised Leafs fan, being from Toronto and all. But it's been 40 years since we have even had a whiff of The Cup!
What that really means (Leaf Fan) is I HATE OTTAWA!
Notwithstanding that, I AM CANADIAN!! so (yuck! wash out my mouth!) GO SENS GO!!! Smoke those Ducks!
Howsabout you and I have a little bet?
Normally I'ld bet you a beer or two, but I'm guessing a beer would'nt be welcome right about now.
So, Twenty Bucks (Canadian money accepted at PAR) says Ottawa Wins The Stanley Cup!

(only Disney would name a sports team The Mighty Ducks!)

As fas as B-ball goes, you yankees sure know how to take over a sport. Remember the first b-ball game was played in Canada according to popular legend and invented by a Canuck named Naismith I don't understand what all of you get so riled up about, 5 guys trying to drop a ball into a peach basket, no pads, no hitting, no skates, no stick to whack the other guy with. Hockey's way more fun.
Have fun rootin for the guys from Utah.

Your Big Fat Canadian Friend,
and perpetually sobbing Leaf Fan,
Jay Paterson

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
I thought I commented on all your postings but found this one with only your good friend Jay adding words of encouragement. Our human nature is shortsighted, forgetful, distracted, and easily bored but I do remember these days. I will try to pray for you daily - even on June 27, 2010. May Jesus be with you in all things until the day when our prayers are not required because we're having an actual conversation with the creator of heaven and earth.
I love you very much.
Aunt Chris

Chris Ulvin said...

Good Morning Lori and Nick,
I don't know how today (September 6, 2010)is for you so I'm trusting in the Lord that He provides all that you need.
May God help all of us to look to the future with confidence (love that smile of yours Nick).
God bless today and tomorrow - thanks for the gifts of yesterday. Amen, aunt Chris