Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mom was wrong

Turns out Nick's white blood cell count is .3 which is almost non-existent. Kelsey just went to spend the day with her dad, as she still has a fever, so Nick isn't compromised. He made it through radiation and is feeling ok, just wiped out. God bless the couch, pillows and the channel changer. More to follow later.



Chris Ulvin said...

Sweet Dreams Nick
The body is an amazing creation - give it rest and fluids - and it will rebound. Couch, pillows, remote control and a mother's love help extend one's patience. I'm thankful you have all of the above. Thank you Lori for keeping us all updated on Nick's endeavors - It is helpful to know daily prayer requests when talking to God about the joy and love that Nick brings into our lives. Peace be to all of us in the days and weeks ahead. Love, aunt Chris

Beci said...

My continued thoughts and prayers have been with you all through the night. I agree with Chris..rest and love with get you through. Just know that we are all here praying and sending positive energy on your behalf. We all love you so much!! Beci :)

Anonymous said...

. . . . and please bless Nick that he can stand on top of this mountain and shout!!!!!!


Nicelle said...

All my thoughts are flashing in neon...feel better...feel better...feel better...

Always loving you


sanchezr said...

Way to go! Graduation! It is one of many successful steps you will take in life. It was so wonderful to see the pictures of you sharing it with your family and friends.

Saw those pictures of you sporting the ACU medical smocks. Sweet! If there is anything we can do for you or your family please let me know. Look forward to seeing you soon.


SFC Sanchez

Dan Jasa said...

Just to let you know there are a lot of people you don't even know that are praying for you. I got these stickers made up for you and Amy Ogden since you are both going through such a tough time. I passed them around the paddock today and a lot of people are supporting you guys. Anything we can do let me know
Your cousin Dan in St. Louis

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick,
Today my devotional reading took me to Psalm 145 - I'll have you and my family in my prayers as I read it again.
May God uphold all of us in the times (and softball tournament) ahead.
Love, aunt Chris