Friday, May 11, 2007

Quick Update

On May 7th, Nick's white count was 9.4 and his platelet count was 127. On May 9th, his white count dropped to 1.39 and dropped more on May 10th to 1.16 and his platelet count down to 88. This is a condition called neutropenia and we went into major awareness of handwashing, avoiding crowds, no fresh fruits (except bananas, cantalope, etc) or raw veggies and especially watch his temp; if it goes over 100.5, we have to take him in to ER - he was at 99.5 last night. TODAY, his white count is up to 3.5 and his platelets are at 122 and his temp is normal! Nick's body is on the rebound!!!!


Chris Ulvin said...

Good Work Mom
Today's update was sure a TGIF - Thank Goodness It's Friday -What a week you've all had. Mother's Day Weekend starts today so may it be a joyous three days for you and Nick, Carly, and Kelsey. I leave you with a poem I found in a book that Nick's Grandma Sheila gave me in 1990.

My Miracle
I thank God most every day
for what you are, my dear.
I must believe in miracles
when I see you standing here.
And more important, dearest child,
I know that God is real.
For only He could be the source
of all the love I feel.

Lori, the love you have for your children is a source of joy for us. May God bless your weekend and give you more love and super strength in the weeks ahead.
Love, Chris

Jessica R said...

Hey Nick,

I just wanted to let you know that our whole family is thinking of you and praying for you everyday. You are such an awesome person and you are an inspiration to us all. This year we are involved in the Cancer Society's Relay For Life, trying to find the cure and if it's alright we would like to walk for you this year.
We're glad to see the improvements your making and appreciate you sharing your journey with us.
May God's strength be with you!

Jessica Atkinson Richey (Craig's sister)

uncle johnny said...

WOW!! A MOHAWK!! I always wanted a mohawk but I found out bald was even cooler!! Your uncle Johnny loves you

Gregg said...

I am a student of your father's, and he shared with us while I was in Salt lake your illness. I shared with him I would pray for you and your family. It is incredibly motivational to read your story and comments, as I have shared it with my wife, and soon with my 2 oldest daughter's. My family and I will continue with our prayers, but I have absolutely zero doubt that you will continue to shine right thru this short phase of your long life!

Gregg, Julia, Savannh, Angelina, Sophia, and Jackson Knight (HB, Cal.)

Chris Ulvin said...

Hi Lori and Nick
A "Quick Update" from California - Uncle Stan and I are flying out for the Wacky Warrior's Softball Tournament - use our helping hands however you can. We arrive in Salt Lake - Saturday September 11, 2010 - 9:25AM - I'm sure with all the Raitt relatives in Utah someone will pick us up.
What hope I felt in today's bible verse: Psalm 51:10. I quote Max Lucado in my prayer this morning: May the Lord reach down in the dark cavern of Nick's stomach and do for him one thing he can not do for himself - take the cancer away and make his body right again. Thank you heavenly Father.
Amen, aunt Chris