Saturday, May 5, 2007

Day 6

Nick Typing......

Today is my last day in the hospital and that makes me feel so good because I am sick and tired of the same bed and all the IVs. The doctors are suprised how well I have held up with the Chemo treatments which is good to here because it shows that I am "too tuff" for my cancer. You can already tell a difference in my face for the better that the swelling is going down and the cancer tissue is softer and mayber even starting to die.

Savanna's Mom stopped in yesterday while I was sleeping but thankfully I woke up and caught her in time before she left. She is a wonderful person to talk to for she is so possotive and supportive. She brought a gift from both her and Savanna which was a Build-a-Bear which was one of the coolest gifts I have received. It was a hockey bear wearing the same number which I wore for my senior year in hockey. It meant a lot more to me than I think they realize. It is awesome!

The only pain I have had is some mouth sores but its not too bad. I am happy I still have my mohawk and probably wont lose it for a couple weeks. Mostly, I am glad that I have not had any stomach problems or bathroom problems. I get around fine on my own and enjoyed playing dice all night with 5 of the guys. You know you have true friends when they will come visit you on a friday night in a hospital and play dice with you cause they know its your favorite game. Also, I want to thank those guys for all the support they have shown through this and their abilities to keep me happy and focused.

I would also like to thank everyone who has given their prayers and thoughts twords my recovery. It means a lot to me to know that all of you are here for me.


Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick
Well, God created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh - sounds like you also did some remarkable things these past six days. I'm thankful you get to go home and rest with family and Scooter. Delta reservations have been made and you are "so there" if chemo appointments cooperate.
Love from Lancaster, California
P.S. You will appreciate this story - I called Stuart to see if he is planning on coming home for Mother's Day and learned that his landlord is holding an Open House tomorrow to find renters for the upcoming school year - well, Stuart and Bryce are the only guys home so they are cleaning the place up (it has gotten so bad Jessica won't even consider staying there) Now, aren't you thankful you are not visiting us in California and having to clean that house and yard again? I'm thinking your hospital stay - on a scale of 1 to 10 - is a 10 when compared to cleaning up after your cousin Stuart. Love from San Luis Obispo too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going better than expected - glad to hear it. Thanks for posting your blogs as often as you do. I wonder about you constantly and the blogs keep me up to speed without bugging your Dad for info. Hope you enjoy your weekend at home.

Give `em Hell!
Bernie Kowalski

Chris Ulvin said...

Hey Nick
Love the new picture - It proves my point that your hospital stay was much better than cleaning Stuart's house in San Luis. I don't think I've ever seen a bandanna worn like you chose to wear it - but hey "on you it looks good". You have so many people praying for you - makes me think of the movie "Bruce Almighty" where Bruce couldn't keep up with all the prayers - hope you can keep up with all these comments. Love and hugs - but you don't need hugs from me as it looks like you have some cute girls already hugging you - May the Holy Spirit fill your heart, soul and mind so that your body can rid itself of cancer - God bless you tenfold. Aunt Chris

Chris Ulvin said...

Dear Nick
Today is my birthday - born in 55 and celebrating 55 - I think there is a song "Can't go 55" too. Anyway - birthdays make one have a thankful heart. Reading your post on this day - seeing all the things you were thankful for "swelling down", "withstanding chemo", "surprise gifts", "good friends", and "hair" - reminds me of all the things I'm thankful about you - your "willing hands", "loving heart", and "faithful spirit"
May the energy from God given to us by His son Jesus and dwelling still today through the Holy Spirit sustain you now and tomorrows. May you be blessed and celebrate your birth year - 89.
Love, aunt Chris